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    1 matches comment Im trying to find out the name of the font that has a big banner type to each letter as in in the Movie Dodge Ball the team Average Joes t shirts with the s swirling under the entire word. Hope I made this clear enough Thanks
    1 matches comment There is a web site out there that can find the closest matching font to the font you type in. However, I can't find it. I am looking for help finding the web site, OR EVEN BETTER, someone that can tell be how to get a free mimiced copy of the Adobe font - Nueva or Nueva Roman or Nueva MM. It is on the Dodge ads and some new ones. I'd like to use it before it becomes the next "Tekton" font. Anyone out there that feels my pain? Please respond soon. Must . . . get . . . . font . . _________
    1 matches comment Nice to both design and implementation, and a nice memory test is no different from games like Simon. Although this is not the kind of game you suck from history, Dischord is a fun and addictive little that is perfect to pass a lunch or afternoon. Clone: ??Travel makes traditional AgainRather a new weapon to use new weapons, Ludum Dare game Clone: ??A Journey swordfighting.Swords invention are conventional weapons in video games, but the Maple: Travel uses a completely new way. Instead of piracy and cut your way through enemies, a game that drops the sword on the ground indicate that they are magical, cutting out anything that stands between you and your weapons. It is difficult to do, but rarely played us completely rethink how we can use as a weapon. In addition, the game has excellent pixel art, making it visually, as well as from the point of view of the game. It is addictive and fun, juggling between killing enemies with a sword, and to avoid the attack, and not destroy forests color by filling in a special form to gin Clone: ??Journey to the difficult and highly innovative Ludum Dare entry. Philo-city is fast-paced excitement RideThough Philo-City is a little light on the Ludum Dare topic, it is still a fun and fast-paced game.Though Philo-City is not the first game of killer music in this list, and uses the sound of a whole new way .Runescape Gold RuneScape player controls a small plane that looks like a kite, weaving in and out of blocks and shapes that appear to block the road. The city in this game is teeming with bass, with more beats pounding as you have obstacles heavier and harder dodge.

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