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    8 matches comment this font was popular in the 1960s & 1970s, does anybody know if there is a digital version?
    1 matches comment This is from the movie title 'The saint strikes back', long before the age of digital typefaces. Has anything similar ever been digitized? I'm sure I've seen a similar typeface elsewhere in popular culture. Any Ideas? As always , very much appreciated.
    1 matches comment well, considering that they existed before the digital age, I doubt there will be an exact match. "The first Dinky Toys cars came on the market in December of 1933, but they were not called Dinky Toys until April of 1934"
    1 matches comment A couple years ago I made an image in Photoshop with a font it says is named "Digital". I can't find any fonts online with that name that look anything similar but I did by chance happen to find out that the font "Russell Square" is IDENTICAL in every way shape and form to my old font that adobe calls Digital. I'll be damned if I'm paying $25+ for a font, where can I find my 'original' font that I must have owned at one point before I formatted?? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Hi- This is almost certainly a hand-drawn graphic, be it digital or organic. If you look carefully, there are obvious differences between similar letters, i.e. the "s" and "p". Another big clue is that the "h" is linked into the adjacent "p", a characteristic which would be near-impossible to acheive with a digital typeset. Of course it goes without saying that if anyone else knows different, they are welcome to put me right!! Relaxedly, -Tørnquist
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello Dear friend, I have this one :-) In the The book (type style finder, ). the author (Timothy Samara) has been separated the colors and fonts theme in four classification (1) Moods (Tranquil, Friendly, Comical, Romantic, Honest, Dynamic, Refreshing, Sinister, sporty, Fragile, Psychotic, Exotic and Intuitive) (2) Concepts (Corporate, Techno, Urban, Elegant, Artificial, Multicultural, Industrial, Organic, Fantasy, Extreme, Progressive, and powerful) (3). Time+Context (Archaic, New Age, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Wild West, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Hollywood Heyday, Baby Boomer, and Counterculture) (4) Age Groups (Babies, Toddlers, Young Adults, Kids, Adults, and Seniors) This book not only explaining the typeface classification and the basic typestyle combination, but the colors psychology and then generating the color and sample of fonts. It's containing the formal details, of typeface communicate with viewers by igniting emotional responses and associations. Actually, it is not most recommended book for senior designer. But for quick guidance it is OK. You can find more book in the same kind on the internet. Thanks.
    1 matches comment Try Digital Sans Light.
    1 matches comment Digibats..um..it's a word i just made up meaning dingbats made with photos from a digital camera. "my scanner is wrecked. It's actually in bits, i thought i'd be able to fix it - i never put it back together again...anyway...what i'm getting at is that all of the images in the font were taken using my digital camera, it's all stuff in my house. Yeah, they're raw, they're lo-fi, but they have a purpose on this planet. backgrounds. layering. drop these dings at a slighly darker hue than your background then sprinkle your text on top. hey....don't listen to me..you can do what you like with them. expect more digital camera > crankin up mad contrast in photoshop then ramming it thru streamline and fontographer..... it's got a kinda punky vibe, with the finger, sid, courtney, growler, the sneaker.......ok i'll cut to the chase....." http://www.hostage.freeserve.co.uk/type.html Checkkitout Does anyone else use this method for making fonts/dings? Or am i a freak. Cheers Alan
    1 matches comment Hi Alex, Kat and all.... I've been sick (allergies?) for the past few days so I didn't get a chance to respond. Thanx for letting me know about the forum...I had a different username there (Lynda V.E.) but one thing I wanted to say: I think being able to access this new forum with the same username instead of having to create another one is a good idea. I remember thinking it seemed weird that I couldn't access the forum with my member ID. Ah well. :) BTW Kat, I am very nice to cats....so nice that my mom & I adopt only rescued cats & kittens. She has 5 and I have 2. Hers were strays found near her home, mine were barn kittens. All are now healthy, happy, and very affectionate! My mom's 5 are made up of 2 sets: 3 from 1 litter, age 7 and two from another litter and mama, age 2 1/2. Mine are 6 1/2 and from a completely different area.
    1 matches comment Hello, I need help identifying what the font used on the Philips Compact Disc Digital Audio logo is? Specifically the font that reads "Compact/Digital Audio" (not the DISC part of it). Anyone know? [img:3f69c24408]http://www.dcm.dk/files/logoer/disc_digital_audio.gif[/img:3f69c24408]

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    Digital Empires . Digital Graphic Labs external .

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    Ice Age D
    Inflammable Age
    New Age Gothic 55
    Ramp Age
    Silver Age LC BB
    Silver Age UC BB
    Stone Age
    FB Age
    Golden Age Bold
    Golden Age Italic
    Golden Age Regular
    New Age Gothic 55 Sm Cap
    Silver Age LC BB Bold
    Silver Age LC BB Italic
    Silver Age UC BB Bold
    Silver Age UC BB Italic
    Golden Age Bold Italic
    Digital Mauricehstripes
    Digital Mauriceitalic
    Digital Mauricevstripes
    New Digital
    Remix Digital Digital
    Digital TS Bold
    Digital TS Light
    Digital TS Medium
    Digital TS Regular
    New Digital Italic
    New Digital Original
    New Digital Outline
    Stone Age Regular
    Digital Maurice
    Digital Mauricehstripes-italic
    Digital Mauricevstripes-italic
    Db8 digital
    Digital Decay
    FT Digital Kauno
    Ice Age (D)
    Digital Black Font
    Digital Light Font
    Digital TS Bold Oblique
    Digital TS Light Oblique
    Digital TS Medium Oblique
    Digital TS Regular Oblique
    Digital Regular Font
    Digital Maurice Squares
    Digital Serial Bold
    Digital Serial Demo
    Digital Serial Italic
    Digital Serial Regular
    Digital Serial Xbold
    Digital Waste-Oblique
    Digital Waste-Regular
    Hexagona Digital Bold
    Hexagona Digital Light
    Hexagona Digital Normal
    Hexagona Digital Outline
    Digital Delivery Complete Family Pack
    Digital Maurice Squares-italic
    Inflammable Age Regular
    Digital Sans EF Bold
    Digital Sans EF Light
    Digital Sans EF Medium
    FF Childs Play Age Eight
    FF Childs Play Age Five
    FF Childs Play Age Nine
    FF Childs Play Age Seven
    FF Childs Play Age Six
    Digital Disco AOE
    Digital Dream 2003
    SF Digital Readout Pro
    Digital Serial Bold Italic
    Digital Serial Xbold Italic
    Digital Decay
    FF Childs Play Age Ten
    Digital Sans EF Bold Italic
    Digital Sans EF Light Italic
    Digital Sans EF Medium Italic
    Digital Disco AOE Italic
    Digital Disco AOE Shortcaps
    Digital Disco AOE Standard
    Digital Disco Heavy AOE
    Digital Disco Slim AOE
    Digital Dream 2003 Fat
    Digital Dream 2003 Italic
    Silver Age BB Complete Family Pack
    Digital Waste Volume
    Digital Bold Font
    Digital Disco AOE Shortcaps Italic
    Digital Disco AOE Standard Italic
    Digital Disco Heavy AOE Italic
    Digital Disco Heavy AOE Shortcaps
    Digital Disco Heavy AOE Standard
    Digital Disco Slim AOE Italic
    Digital Disco Slim AOE Shortcaps
    Digital Disco Slim AOE Standard
    Digital Dream 2003 Fat Italic
    New Age Gothic 55 Family
    New Age Gothic 55 Regular
    Digital Bulletin Regular
    Digital Delivery-Intl

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