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    7 matches comment need help identifying these two font styles
    5 matches comment I'm looking for a font that letters are different.
    3 matches comment I'm looking for a font I can download for free that contains both oblique and italic styles. I'd also like the choice of a san serif and a serif face. Thanks!
    2 matches comment need help identifying these two font styles
    2 matches comment As a person who works in human resources i would suggest sticking to the plainer fonts as fancy is too much like hard work to read. If you want something slightly different try goudy oldstyle. Stay clear of any caligrapy styles as you may find your resume ends up in the trash. Good luck
    1 matches comment You can create the shadow within Adobe Photoshop, using layer styles.
    2 matches comment uploaded image hey sorry i didnt understand your font submision system... thought i had to updload fonts in zips individually.... sorry bout that submitted Champagne &Limousines different weights & styles... the one that best fits for display would be Champagne & Limousines regular of course sorry about that
    1 matches comment Can anyone get me hold of this font ?? it will be really appreciated. there are three or 4 styles, if you can get them all .. luck me .. take care With Regards, Amyn Gilani
    2 matches comment ;) Hi, gcorp, in Germany they don't sell cheese in spray cans, so I just can fancy about it's happiness... However, the three kings and the cast lines are both made using the AvantGarde. The two different K's (and R's too!) are because they used different styles of the Avant Garde, the "Book" and the "Medium". But I had to do lot's of stretching - using Corel Draw and Photoshop! The credits fonts: Just wait a little bit, I'll see what I can do for you. :) May be I can find a similar font for "Golden Eye" and the other unsolved problems - I did'nt know, you can do without the originals. Question: What do you do with all the posters and fonts? Forging? ;) Ute
    1 matches comment Hi All, Please can somebody help? I'm lookin or the above font (in Semi-Bold if possible however any of te styles would suit me!! If you could email the fonts to: kelhams@yahoo.com Thanks KEL

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    PIXymbols Vershen Fractions (4 Styles)
    Herold CE Volume
    Karolla CE Black
    Karolla CE Volume
    Dublon CE Bold
    Dublon CE Light
    Dublon CE Regular
    Dublon CE Volume
    Dublon Regular
    Dublon Turkish
    Dublon Volume
    Herold Bold
    Herold Volume
    Karolla Black
    DublonBrus Cyrillic Volume
    Dublon Light
    Cooper Fullface Medium Italic
    AdverGothicand Cyrillic Volume
    Dublon Multilingual Light
    Dublon Multilingual Regular
    Dublon Multilingual Volume
    Herold CE Condensed Bold
    Herold Condensed Bold
    Herold Multilingual Bold
    Herold Multilingual Volume
    Herold Turkish Volume
    Karolla CE Narrow Bold
    Karolla Multilingual Black
    Karolla Multilingual Volume
    Karolla Turkish Black
    Karolla Turkish Volume
    Opticum Cyrillic One Regular
    Opticum Cyrillic Three Regular
    Opticum Cyrillic Two Regular
    Dublon Multilingual Bold
    Dublon Turkish Bold
    Dublon Turkish Light
    Dublon Turkish Volume
    AdverGothic Cyrillic Volume
    Herold CE Bold
    Karolla Volume
    Dublon Bold
    Herold Cyrillic Bold
    Herold Cyrillic Volume
    Karolla Cyrillic Black
    Karolla Cyrillic Volume
    Dublon Cyrillic Bold
    Dublon Cyrillic Light
    Dublon Cyrillic Regular
    Dublon Cyrillic Volume
    Herold Turkish Bold
    Karolla Narrow Bold
    Dublon Brus Cyrillic Light
    Herold Multilingual Condensed Bold
    Herold Turkish Condensed Bold
    Karolla Multilingual Narrow Bold
    Karolla Turkish Narrow Bold
    Adver Gothic Cyrillic Bold
    Adver Gothic Cyrillic Rough
    Dublon Brus Cyrillic Bold
    Dublon Brus Cyrillic Book
    Herold Cyrillic Condensed Bold
    Karolla Cyrillic Narrow Bold
    Serp and Molot Cyrillic Black
    Serp and Molot Black
    Serp and Molot CE Black
    Serp and Molot Turkish Black
    Serp and Molot Multilingual Black
    Adver Gothic Cyrillic Cameo Bold
    Circus Didot Cyrillic + Western Regular

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