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    4 matches comment I'm Making A logo For a band Called "DDS" (A Drug Dubbed Sin) But I can't find a Font that's "kickass" enough If people could submit links to the fonts they would like to see a band use. I didn't read the forum rules so if this is not allowed just trash it and my apologies to the admin. B-c00L
    2 matches comment If someone could , i need a death metal/deathcore font for this : Unearth Carnage
    4 matches comment If I implied that everybody liked the band good charlotte i wouldn't have said "if you have heard of the band...". But anyway thanks for your help even though it didn't help me much. I was after the lettering of the name "good charlotte" on their website not the font Tempus Sans. Excuse me for fogetting to put their website so you could have checked them out. www.goodcharlotte.com but i guess it didn't help much either.
    2 matches comment The Smithereens, the much beloved garage band from the 80's used this font on all their early albums. Does anyone know of a digital equivalent?
    3 matches comment Hi im looking for this font! Any idea what it is? I need it for my black metal band
    3 matches comment This font is from an 1980's SKA band, does anyone know the name of the font?
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15607 by: urtacorpse deathcore love
    1 matches comment Does anyone know where I can find some of the fonts from the band Eve 6? I've looked all over the place and I'm stuck. Thank you for your help.
    1 matches comment just make it super sick and :D that be awesome! like job for a cowboy mixed with canible corpse
    3 matches comment I've been trying to find a font that looks very close to the one shown on Explosions in the Sky's website ( http://www.explosionsinthesky.com/home.php ). Does anyone know any (very) similar fonts?

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