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    11 matches comment Hi, I'm a newbie here, but I've been dabbling in typography and font design on my own for a few years now. I have discovered a style of ornamental capital which I'm eager to find as a font. I'm not sure if it is really a font, though. It might just be fancy customised lettering. I found these capitals in a book called "Angels: An Endangered Species". I was actually more impressed by these capitals than by the content of the book. I just stumbled on this site, and there seem to be more than a few folks here who really know their fonts :) Okay, a little more detail on this: I've searched through the text, and these ornate caps are reserved for chapter openings (as they should be), so there are few of them. I was only able to spot these 4 letters (some are used more than once at various places). Any ideas on this one? The engraved look of the detail makes me think that it's probably custom lettering, but with font design as intricate as it is these days, I figured even for a book that's been around since 1990, that there might be such a font. Oh, and one more thing: the typesetting of the text was done by someone in Florence, italy by the name of Simonetta Castelli. I know, it's a long shot, but I can't find anything but pages in Italian on her (hmm ... wonder why?? ;) Thanks in advance for helping! David
    8 matches comment Does anyone know the font used in the Late Show logo? It's got a lot of features of the princeton and collegiate fonts, but I'm trying to find one more exact. Thanks for any help!
    1 matches comment [quote]@David Jordan:I desperately. want flipfonts in the style of THE BEATLES as printed on ringos drumskin for my Samsung Galaxy S android phone , Help please Thanks from david[/quote]
    1 matches comment Anyone know the font? It says "DAVID"
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15054 For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: David Kerhoff has allowed me to rework some of his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license. So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here: http://www.cheapprofonts.com/Syphon_Spritz_Pro (David Kerhoff receives royalties from all sales)
    2 matches comment P22 Victorian Swash Designed by: Richard Kegler, Amy Greenan, 2000 Burtons Nightmare Submitted: Aug 7th, 2001 by alex. With a 1993 Scriptorium Font Library shareware copyright marker, ASCII 126: [img]http://www.abstractfonts.com/image/charmap/1324/126.png[/img] Burtons Nightmare 2000 Burtons Nightmare2000 is a registered trademark of Mitron Creations (2001). Goodfellow Designed by: David Nalle, 1993.Also with the Scriptorium Font Library shareware copyright marker, ASCII 126. Rugklacht J Copyright 1995, Julius B Thijssen. Thanks to David F Nalle for his work on the Goodfellow-font, which has been inspiration for making the Rugklacht-font. Version: Immortalware:09091995. I wonder dear Swallow, I wonder ...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14973 Leave your Comments...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12749 I m. looking for the fonts as printed on ringos drumskin help me out please david
    1 matches comment Blackmoore by David Quay: http://www.identifont.com/show?1X7
    1 matches comment I finally found it and in case anyone else is interested the link is http://www.david-pye.com/fontvault/j.php

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    David Hadash™ Biblical Regular
    David Farewell Stencil
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    David Hadash™ Sans Regular
    David Hadash™ Script Bold
    OLHebrew David Deco Linear
    David Hadash™ Biblical Bold
    David Hadash™ Formal Medium
    David Hadash™ Script Medium
    David Hadash™ Sans Family Pack
    David Narrow
    David Hadash Formal Family Pack
    David Hadash Script Family Pack
    David Hadash Biblical Family Pack
    David Italic
    David Complete Family Pack
    David Hadash™ Complete Family Pack
    David Bold
    David Regular
    Crazy David No 1
    Crazy David No 2
    David Farewell Bold
    David Farewell Regular
    David Farewell Volume
    Aharony and David Volume
    David Bold Italic
    Crazy David Complete Family Pack
    David Farewell Stencil
    Altemus Stars One
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Light
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Regular
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Complete Family Pack
    Trilby Medium
    Trilby Regular
    Trilby Black Italic
    Trilby Bold Italic
    Trilby Medium Italic
    Trilby Regular Italic
    Trilby Bold
    DavidFarewell Bold
    Inversion Regular
    Altemus Stars Set
    Basix Medium
    Basix Oblique
    Basix Outline
    Basix Regular
    Basix Volume
    USF Stars A
    Raleigh Bold
    Raleigh Light
    Raleigh Medium
    Raleigh Roman
    Herzel Medium
    Raleigh DemiBold
    Tekton Volume
    Tekton™ Condensed
    Tekton™ Extended
    Tekton™ Light
    Optimism Regular
    Zink Boned
    Zink Dot
    Zink Regular
    Zink Volume
    Vegas™ Regular
    Biffo™ Regular
    USF Stars Volume
    Basix Heavy Round
    Agency FB Black
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    Agency FB Light
    Agency FB Regular
    Agency FB Thin
    Basix Double Outline
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