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    1 matches comment The URL line is the Dark Ages.
    2 matches comment The site is supposed to give a spooky dark look reflecting Zim and Jhonen's works, but also to be bright enough for the happy-Poonchy-thingy. Dark dark blue is no good... I'm not sure what to use other than dark blue...
    4 matches comment Can someone help me identify the font used for "The Dark Tower" comic book cover?
    1 matches comment Okay...glad to know I wasn't just overlooking it somehow. The site does look a lot more "clean" than the last time I was here. I just wonder if there's a way to streamline the process of downloading multiple fonts? The thought of having to go through and individually download a large quantity of fonts is overwhelming (especially because I'm still living in the dark ages of dial-up). Even if there was some sort of basket so you could go through and select fonts to be collected and then download them all at once, that would be very cool...not sure how workable that would be, though. Just a thought.
    1 matches comment I am looking for a font that I found that looks like Dark Crystal OUtline but it is filled in...if you know the answer please submit it to me thanks...I have seen it on this site but I cant locate it.,
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2982 nice work ive been lookin for this font for awhile
    2 matches comment I am looking for a font that is an ornate middle ages sort ***ociated with Spain, Cervantes/Don Quixote etc.... Can anyone help?
    3 matches comment Hi - I've looked everywhere trying to track down the font used on this website banner. I made it a few years ago on an old computer, but I have a new one now, which means the old hard drive is gone along with the big folder of fonts I FORGOT to transfer over, AARRGGH. I have found back some of the old fonts, but certain ones such as this one I have never been able to locate, anywhere. I'm not sure of the name of the font either. Something like "Sea Wolf" or "Sand Daisy." I need to make one or two matching graphics for a resurrected version of the website. Can anyone help, please??? Thanks -
    2 matches comment Hi all, looking at font for ages, thought I knew it then all of a sudden divine inspiration:- Blippo Heavy. Feeling very clever! But I wait to be corrected! Kind Regards Gary
    1 matches comment anyone know what font this is please help ive been looking for ages thanks in adv

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    Monkey In The Middle Ages
    After Dark BB
    Dark Wood
    Dark Wood Three
    Dark Wood Two
    Natural Dark
    Nautilus Dark
    Monkey in the Middle Ages Regular
    P22 Elven Regular
    Cutthroat-Intl Complete Family Pack
    Dark Night AOE
    Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Dark
    Cutthroat Complete Family Pack
    FB Dark Brown L
    FB Dark Brown M
    Dark Half BTN
    Qotho Dark
    Qotho Dark
    Dark Half BTN Bold
    Dark Half BTN Cond
    Dark Half BTN Ext
    Dark Half BTN Oblique
    Bossman Dark
    Nanquim Dark
    Nautilus Dark
    Olympukes Dark
    Dark Wood Regular
    Dark Wood Three Regular
    Dark Wood Two Regular
    Dark Wood Volume
    Qotho Dark Condensed
    Dark Half BTN Bold Oblique
    Dark Half BTN Cond Bold
    Dark Half BTN Ext Bold
    FB Dark Brown Complete Family Pack
    Chocolate Dark
    CCDutch Courage-Dark
    Qotho Dark Condensed
    TXLithium Ray Dark Italic
    TXLithium Ray Dark Normal
    Bossman Dark Oblique
    Bossman™ Dark
    Natural Dark Regular
    Chocolate Dark Italic
    Olympukes Dark
    Typodermic Dark Pack
    Bossman™ Dark Oblique
    Apple Pie Dark
    Messy Linocut 2D Dark
    Post Industrial Dark
    Heds Dark
    Post Industrial™ Dark
    TX Lithium Ray Dark
    Apple Pie Dark
    Post Industrial™ Dark Italic
    Post Industrial Dark Italic
    Sin Original Dark
    Olympukes-2012 Dark
    Sin Original Medieval Dark
    KG Dark Side Regular
    Nanquim Dark
    Dutch Courage Dark
    Rieven Uncial Regular
    Rieven Uncial Italic
    Rieven Uncial Complete Family Pack
    P22 Dearest Set
    Graz Regular
    Coranto 2 Bold
    Coranto 2 Bundle
    Coranto 2 Headline
    Coranto 2 Italic
    Coranto 2 Regular
    Sirba Black
    Sirba Bold
    Sirba Italic
    Sirba Regular
    Sirba Core
    Nautilus Sub
    Pinback Regular
    Coranto 2 Bold Italic
    Coranto 2 Headline Bold
    Coranto 2 Headline SemiBold
    Sirba Bold Italic
    Sirba Greek Black
    Sirba Greek Bold
    Sirba Greek Family
    Sirba Greek Italic
    Sirba Greek Regular
    Militia Regular
    Militia Sans
    Halja Complete Family Pack
    Blot Test
    Coranto 2 Complete Family Pack
    Sirba Complete Family Pack
    Sirba Greek Bold Italic
    Nautilus Regular
    Nautilus Light
    Quanta Complete Family Pack

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