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    2 matches comment Dave, ten eerste als je een plaatje laat zien maak er dan een waar alleen het relevante deel op staat. Je laat de forumbezoekers driekwart megabyte downloaden waar het met 43 kilobytes toe kan. Niet iedereen heeft breedband. ten tweede, als je zulke grote plaatjes wilt laten downloaden zorg er dan voor dat je een snelle upload verbinding hebt. Die van jou komt niet hoger dan 43 kilobits/s ten derde, al je subdirectories staan open. Ik kan alles zien The name of the font Dave wants is the good old Aachen Bold.
    1 matches comment Dit plaatje is inderdaad wal al te onscherp en ook de resolutie is erg laag. Probeer een nieuwe foto te maken en consentreer je dan op de letters WIJMPJE DE BOER. Het blijft moeilijk, een sansserif met alleen hoofdletters. Dan gaat het om hele kleine details zoals hier de krul van de J en de poot van de R in combinatie met de W en M.
    1 matches comment Hi, OK, I try it again without critical links ... In times of Phototypesetting the typeface was known as "Othello". You can find it in Book from the 1980th and so on. There is a typeface named Othello still available but this typeface is different. It`s close to Neuland and/or Lithographer. Back to Othello: I found the Outline in the WWW and the Copyright says: Digitized by Dan X. Solo. Software 2001 by Doiver Publications Inc., New York. (typo Doiver is real!) Dan X. Solo leads to Solotype: http://new.myfonts.com/foundry/Solotype/ But there is no typeface close to Othello. It's might didn't made it to the computer era. Bye Bye
    2 matches comment uploaded image Mumble mumble ... the As are the same. Have no idea where this came from but if it came from an old poster it was possibly hand drawn. But doesn't it resemble Dan Solo's recreation of a type he named Alex?
    1 matches comment uploaded image @ Julius: Thanks for the explanation. The discussion with my friend the Swallow was merely about 'who was first'. And that was Goodfellow, as Swallow later added based on the same original that P22 referred to. My mentioning of Goodfellow and Rugklacht J in combination was based on the sample shown. For the word Macbeth one can use either one of the two to get exactly the same result. Had a word been shows with the F, J, P or S the outcome would have been different. About the s I am not so sure although, yes, there are some (minor) changes. I see no difference in hinting. But, if you say so ... P22's Victorian Swash and Dan Solo's Glorietta are different digitalisations. My remark was on the use of the word 'design'. All are based on one and the same; the Columbian. So imho P22's claim 'Designed by Richard Kegler and Amy Greenan' is bs. In this case I may even shout: BS! En, ehh, ja, Rugklacht ziet er beter uit dan Goodfellow ...
    1 matches comment I am learning how to use this forum, I did the first post without an attachment. I am BEGGING someone to help me locate this Cali 109 font. It is not the ITC Cali font which is widely available. I bought this in 2002 and a meltdown lost the font and its source. Please help. Thanks, Phil
    1 matches comment uploaded image Morris Sans Medium (by Dan Reynolds) chau.
    1 matches comment Hi guys, I want to design a logo for my business. Do I need to check with the copyright's owner of any font if I just want to use his/her font to design my logo? I mean, I don't want to distribute, sell, share the font by any mean. I just want to use it to design a logo. Thanks Phil
    1 matches comment Hi, Schwalbenkönig pointed me to a lot of usefull informations. Here is a short Overview. Othello is from ATF 1896 and the Othello solid was never digitzed. There is a digitized Othello Outline from Dan X. Solo (2001) on »24 Outline Display Fonts CD-ROM & Book« http://www.amazon.com/Dan-X.-Solo/e/B001ITTUYE The new edition might grow up to 100 fonts? There is a typeface called PL Fiorello Condensed that's a Othello condensed: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/atfiorello-condensed/ Source of these informations: http://typophile.com/node/37588 Some people tend to use a Macbeth and modifikate it by hand. http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/macbeth/macbeth/ Source of these informations: http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/forum/case/276757/ Bye Bye
    1 matches comment this is a great place to download fonts :). Im very glad I found it. Dan [irrelevant link. deleted. kk]

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