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    3 matches comment Well...sorry if this bring problems to u....i know that u do a great work with Abstractfonts.....only if u wanna try this..... -Erase La Flama y la Espina, Regular Pasión Acústica Romance fatal Goth(premium & Vesal) and acept the others with the same name cause the font continuing be the same only change the family...if a person look in the red a difference with an last version of my font....This person would try to get a better versio,,,well it´s the reason(well......i used to change of opinion about a family name to my fonts) Sorry again if u get problems whit this situation..... Let´s working....and great job! Pd: try to write in other languaje ....its hard also......Buena suerte!
    1 matches comment erm....good that the nice people here helped, but I think The King & Queen is a bit weird choice of wedding typeface - unless you guys aren't into Goth or something similar.... Anyway - good luck with after the wedding life :)

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    Cyber Monkey
    Cyber Script
    Cyber Zombie
    Cyber Script Shimmer
    Cyber Monkey Regular
    Franklin Goth TS-Bold
    Franklin Goth TS-Heavy
    Franklin Goth TS-Light
    Franklin Goth TS-Medium
    Franklin Goth TS-Reg
    Franklin Goth TS-XBold
    Franklin Goth TS-Bold Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-Dem Bold
    Franklin Goth TS-Heavy Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-Light Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-Medium Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-Reg Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-XBold Italic
    Franklin Goth TS-Dem Bold Italic
    Copperplate Gothic
    Franklin Gothic
    News Gothic
    Copperplate Gothic Bold
    Copperplate Gothic Heavy
    Franklin Gothic Condensed
    Franklin Gothic Italic
    Letter Gothic 12 Pitch
    News Gothic Bold
    News Gothic Condensed
    News Gothic Demi
    News Gothic Italic
    News Gothic Light
    Copperplate Gothic Bold Condensed
    Copperplate Gothic Roman Condensed
    Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed
    Letter Gothic 12 Pitch Bold
    Letter Gothic 12 Pitch Italic
    Letter Gothic 12 Pitch Bold Italic
    News Gothic Bold Condensed
    News Gothic Bold Italic
    News Gothic Condensed Italic
    News Gothic Demi Italic
    News Gothic Extra Condensed
    News Gothic Light Italic
    News Gothic Bold Condensed Italic
    News Gothic Bold Extra Condensed
    Gothique Regular
    Blanchard Pro
    Busted Pro
    Memoriam Pro
    Testament I Bold
    Testament I Medium
    Testament I Regular
    Testament II Bold
    Testament II Medium
    Testament II Regular
    Testament Regular
    Bank of England Regular
    Driver Gothic Pro
    Testament III Bold
    Testament III Medium
    Testament III Regular
    Trick or Type
    Gripewriter Regular
    Kryptonite Bizarro
    Kryptonite Family
    Wendigo Regular
    Bella Regular
    Skinflint Regular
    Moonstone Regular
    Kryptonite Drop Capitals
    Tenpenny Dreadful Regular
    Cadence Family
    Cadence Light
    Cadence Regular
    MenSwear Regular
    Moonstone Starlight
    Count Floyd Regular
    Scary Stories Regular
    Ladybat Alternate
    Ladybat Light
    Rubric Cubed Deluxe Regular
    Moonstone Complete Family Pack
    CG Alpin Gothic™ No. 1
    CG Alpin Gothic™ No. 2
    CG Alpin Gothic™ No. 3
    Natural Dark Regular
    Ladybat Complete Family Pack
    Skilt Gothic ExtraBold
    Glow Gothic BF Regular
    Bernhard Gothic SG Ultra
    FF Stamp Gothic Bold Italic
    Corpus Gothic Alternate Small Caps
    Titling Gothic FB Complete Family Pack

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