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    7 matches comment Please help me find this font. Thank you.
    5 matches comment ! Hi everyone! Can anyone identify the font I used here: http://tn.cafepress.com/9/5407119_TN.jpg It was so long ago and all myfiles were deleted, but I'd sure like to use it again. Thanks!
    3 matches comment Need this fancy script...any help appreciated.
    1 matches comment The H has the same weird swash as other letters but does not fit. Fancy thing made by the logo 'designer'. The rest is the lower case of Gothic Leaf with the ornaments taken off and some alterations on i and t. It spells zfnii plus that fancy thing that stands for the h.
    1 matches comment Hi I need to find a DIAMOND, SParkly, cursive font.. PLEASE HELP? ANY suggestions? Maybe just even a sparkly cursive font? THANKS
    1 matches comment Could someone suggest a realistic-looking handwriting font? Not printed, I want it to be cursive. I want to use it in letters. Thanks.
    1 matches comment The M is the Lydian Cursive and the rest is the Park Avenue.
    1 matches comment I'm Looking for a Cursive font...(cartier's) font! Please help:confused:[IMG]http://images.google.ca/images?q=tbn:3VR0XVbzctQC:www.erbe.ch/cartier/images/Cartier_Logo.jpg[/IMG]
    2 matches comment Can anyone help me?

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    Hand Cursive Package
    Hand Cursiveā„¢ Bold
    Hand Cursiveā„¢ Thin
    Pompeian Cursive
    LD Cursive
    DB Fancy Flourishes
    Aint Nothing Fancy
    Fancy Dan 1
    Fancy Flowers
    Fancy Pants
    Idle Fancy NF
    LD Cursive Flourish
    Aint Nothing Fancy Bold
    Aint Nothing Fancy Condensed
    Aint Nothing Fancy Italic
    Fancy Pants Bold
    Fancy Pants Italic
    Candy Cursive
    Hand Cursive
    LOLO Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Milk Cursive
    Perugia Cursive
    Pompeian Cursive
    Ribbon Cursive
    Stitch Cursive
    Centennial Script Fancy
    Aint Nothing Fancy Bold Italic
    Aint Nothing Fancy Condensed Italic
    Fancy Pants Bold Italic
    Ecliptica BT Cursive
    Goudy Fancy-Condensed Heavy Italic
    Fancy Flowers
    Florentine Cursive RR Regular
    Hand Cursive Bold
    Hand Cursive Thin
    OL Hebrew Cursive Bold
    OL Hebrew Cursive Light
    Pre Cursive Lined
    Pre Cursive Regular
    Centennial Script Fancy Shadow
    LHF Fancy Full Round
    Okay Cursive
    LHF Fancy Full Round Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Regular
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Museum-Tertia Cursive
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Bernhard Cursive Extra Bold
    Florentine Cursive RR Old Style Figures
    Melina BT Fancy
    She's All That Regular
    Maestro A
    Maestro B
    Maestro C
    Maestro D
    Maestro E
    Maestro F
    Maestro G
    Maestro H
    Maestro I
    Maestro J
    Maestro K
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    Maestro M
    Fancy Extended
    Daisy Fancy
    Eveningnews Fancy
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    Theodore Fancy
    Parchemin Drama
    Parchemin Regular
    Parchemin Two-Pack
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    Blythe 3 Pack
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    Maestro A Bold
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    Maestro Family

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