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    1 matches comment Hello, I'm new here, but I am looking for the font used on Curious George's red t-shirt. It's a form of cursive, commonly shown in yellow. Has anyone ever seen a font that resembles this, or something that is close enough? I have a Halloween costume for my son, but need to get the lettering to look as accurate as possible. Here's a link to an image that shows the font that I'm referring to... http://www.woodenrailway.com/products/brio/george/george.gif Thanks in advance! Kai :cool:
    1 matches comment I'd like to match the font used by Margaret and H.A. Rey for their Curious George books as close as possible. Can anyone help?
    1 matches comment Hey, Anyone know of any George Bush Dingbats out there? I need one to do a stencil... Thanks, Cobspin
    4 matches comment From the 1981 album "Gone Troppo" this font was used throughout the album. Can anybody ID it?
    3 matches comment Well, I tried to download the font off dafont.com, but it didn't work, so that's why I don't want it to be .zip. But, I found another way to download the font. Thank you anyway. :) Oh, and if you've curious, I just sent it to myself and downloaded it through an e-mail. :p
    1 matches comment it's the GWC i'm looking for and the George Whitefield College
    1 matches comment Still curious where the pict of the book comes from ...
    1 matches comment Curious as this Kat is, which one did you choose?
    1 matches comment Curious because I like the skulls and the crows (or ravens). Where did this lovely graphic come from? Cate
    1 matches comment dude, I dont even know what that is. all i had was an F. and I was curious because it looks like the F of one of my fonts. http://www.dafont.com/faucet.font

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