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    3 matches comment I know the "cake" font (Bodoni) but I cannot determine the "Boss" font. It looks similar to Impact but a more squared or squat style to the letters. Any ideas?
    1 matches comment You are almost there scottie. It is a mix. The w is the Zapfino four, T, inkle and id is the Zapfino one. The ending i is in one of the zapfino Extras but I don't know right now which one. The D is a totally different font, the Forelle. Creative people there at Twinkle and Didi cake creations, also in CAKE CREATIONS they use an S that is from a different font. But then, as cake makers they are experts in mixing ...
    2 matches comment What, what?! I'm the wrong one to ask. Don't want any cream either.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15528 Greats
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11120 loks almost like wood or something
    2 matches comment view details for free font #12095 Koeiekat, this really made me smile! Thank You Very Much! Heron2001 may have got the cigar but the catnip, salmon and the cream belongs to you! Once again Koeiekat, thank you. Kindest Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Hydroquinone a skin whitening and helping operators and gives magnificent results treating spots, age spots, melasma and other skin stains that may happen because of pregnancy, skin injury, the utilization of contraception pills, or hormone substitution treatment. It is additionally utilized as skin inflammation scar treatment. It delivers better results when is utilized as a part of mix with tretinoin, on the grounds that while tretinoin polishes and peels the skin, the hydoquinone can achieve more profound levels of the skin and delete the dim regions and imperfections. you can order hydroquinone 4 cream at our pharmacy. for more information about hydroquinone you can visit : http://www.nestpillmart.com/product/hydroquinone-4
    1 matches comment I've seen vague before but this is the cream of the crop. Please be much, much more specific, and provide a sample image of the font you're looking for. -T
    1 matches comment Quote: "Alan Meeks designed the Candice typeface in 1976. A groovy swirl of a font, Candice looks like an ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream. Candace is often seen on album covers, and has come to be associated with innumerable party hits from the 1970s. One thing is for sure: Candice is a child of it's times - flashy, lively, and fun!" If someone is REALLY interested, you can contact Mr. Alan Meeks here. [OT] Dear KKat, what interesting application do you use for the Screen we are watching? I am in awe with the matching solutions. Is it some typeface-identification-program? Cool, if it is.
    1 matches comment well, i've seen at least 3-4 guys who were offering few dollars as a sign of appreciation... i can set up a page where i will have any helpers' PayPal accounts listed and the names of people donated money ( if desired ). it is not hard but could be nice to have free ice-cream once in a while ;) i dunno, Ute appears once in a while but she's prolly busy with her own stuff at the moment...

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