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    1 matches comment I figured it was digital because although the "O"s are different a lot of it is the same. Same 2 "L"s in "really" and "still". The "E" in "beer" has also been used in "best" and "be". Likewise with the "S", there seems to be just two, which would indicate a lower and upper case. Also, the font is being used a massive beer campaign in NZ, so is used in number of medias. I imagine it must be a custom font.
    1 matches comment I would like to know if anyone knows the name of this font for Primo hawaiian beer and if it comes with the dirty look.
    1 matches comment You mean that enormous script? No. I guess not. Unless you have a very large beer-belly. That is very «ouch» and possibly larger.
    2 matches comment Can anyone identify the fond used in the Nastro Azzurro logo? This is the latest iteration of this famous Italian brand. http://www.schumacher-fanclub.com/media/val095-valentino-rossi-nastro-azzuro-truck-drivers-cap-hat.jpg Thanks! -Tom
    1 matches comment uploaded image I need the font of THREE STOOGES BEER
    1 matches comment ? view details for free font #11707 Nick Curtis enlightens the typographic world here that he got the inspiration of his font by the Beck's beer-logo.
    1 matches comment Does anyone recognize this fotn ? and if you do, where can I find it for free ? If you can help me I buy you a belgian beer , thanx anyway :D[img:04cc86bf09]http://ad.be.doubleclick.net/794455/skyscraper-gourmandise-nl.gif[/img:04cc86bf09]
    1 matches comment Hi there, Does anyone have the Carlsberg font? I owe you a beer if you do. Thanks for your help. Best. Guiom
    2 matches comment Alex, I couldn't agree more. Of all the places I have been Canada certainly gave me the impression of one of the best - if not the best, but I have not been in New Zealand - places to live. I recall only two 'disadvantages', It is cold in winter and I mean COLD (yes I shouted) and a beer's price tag ... But it was really the cold winters that stopped us from going to Canada instead of Spain. Sergio, no harm meant. Just wanted to share the orange emotions of the moment. Further I generally agree. Football: a game with 22 men/woman on a field, of which 20 are running after a ball as if there were no tomorrow. And when they finally get it - after all the running - what do they do with that precious thing they wanted so badly? They kick it away!!! And you know what? They get payed for it! Incomprehensible.
    1 matches comment I'm trying to look for the font from the slogan of a beer commercial. It's the one that says "Give Yourself a Good Name". I tried looking for it, but with no luck. Can anyone help me out in identifying that font from this website? Thanks!

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