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    2 matches comment I would appreciate any help naming the coors light fonts.
    1 matches comment I figured it was digital because although the "O"s are different a lot of it is the same. Same 2 "L"s in "really" and "still". The "E" in "beer" has also been used in "best" and "be". Likewise with the "S", there seems to be just two, which would indicate a lower and upper case. Also, the font is being used a massive beer campaign in NZ, so is used in number of medias. I imagine it must be a custom font.
    1 matches comment I would like to know if anyone knows the name of this font for Primo hawaiian beer and if it comes with the dirty look.
    1 matches comment You mean that enormous script? No. I guess not. Unless you have a very large beer-belly. That is very «ouch» and possibly larger.
    2 matches comment Can anyone identify the fond used in the Nastro Azzurro logo? This is the latest iteration of this famous Italian brand. http://www.schumacher-fanclub.com/media/val095-valentino-rossi-nastro-azzuro-truck-drivers-cap-hat.jpg Thanks! -Tom
    1 matches comment or Ballpark I believe it is even a freebie font! Edit: It is a shareware font - however, a site needs permission to post it -- and until we ask Nick to get permission to place it on this site -- you can find it here. Ballpark
    1 matches comment uploaded image I need the font of THREE STOOGES BEER
    1 matches comment ? view details for free font #11707 Nick Curtis enlightens the typographic world here that he got the inspiration of his font by the Beck's beer-logo.
    1 matches comment Does anyone recognize this fotn ? and if you do, where can I find it for free ? If you can help me I buy you a belgian beer , thanx anyway :D[img:04cc86bf09]http://ad.be.doubleclick.net/794455/skyscraper-gourmandise-nl.gif[/img:04cc86bf09]
    1 matches comment Hi there, Does anyone have the Carlsberg font? I owe you a beer if you do. Thanks for your help. Best. Guiom

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