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    4 matches comment ! OK, Here it is again. Luke
    4 matches comment Thanks Kkat for the cuckoo font. That works just fine. I just need one more, and I should be out of your fur. :-) thanks Luke
    4 matches comment Good job, Luke, but Bradley Hand seems to be a commercial font and it is ILLEGAL to offer it by sharing. Thank you very much.
    2 matches comment Hello folks...I need to find out what this "Track & Field" font is, and if it's a free one. Anything even similar would probably work. Thanks in advance. Regards Luke
    2 matches comment ! It's close to friz quadrata, but not quite. I even tried modifying friz, but it wouldn't really manipulate right. thanks in advance... Luke
    2 matches comment Hello nice people. I have two to identify. I've seen the lightning font before, but I don't remember what it's called. Totally unsure of the other one. Thanks in advance Luke
    1 matches comment Excellent, thank you very much! Regards Luke
    1 matches comment Hello all...I'm stumped on this one. Hope you can help. Thanks Luke
    1 matches comment I'm trying to find this or preferably a free clone. Thanks in advance for your help! regards Luke
    1 matches comment Hi there, it's been a while since I needed your help, thankfully, but I'm back :) Can you help me figure this one out? Thanx in advance! regards Luke

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