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    7 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12418 is it possible to make a peace sign? if so, how?
    6 matches comment Hi, I am quite fond of unical fonts and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good ones. Anything similiar to Cry Unical font would be great... Thanks
    4 matches comment view details for free font #13838 Thanks Roger, for updating the freebies. Helps us diacritic users to use the fonts properly. ;)
    2 matches comment very cool. A couple of things. Where am I?!?!?!? Possibly voting for the best designers? A search box for designers. Very cool!
    1 matches comment do u work for AF because you answer like everything! Im really impressed! thats really cool.:cool:
    2 matches comment Heya Everyone, I'm looking for some cool free "Icey, Icicle, Frozen" fonts. All i'm finding is snow covered fonts. Those are kind of boring. Can someone recommend some good fonts? Or can someone recommend a cool way to create an icy look (in a vector layout) with CorelDraw 11? Thanx in advance, Matt :D
    3 matches comment heh.. yeah, that's because it is in the New Fonts section.. once it will be bumped down it will be replaced by something else... but its still cool.. i like that font myself...
    3 matches comment I made this banner around late '04 - early '05 so it would be at least that old. That's really all I remember. Thanks for any help.
    3 matches comment any idea as to what this font is?
    1 matches comment Cool, thanks a lot !!:cool:

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    Classic Cool
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    Cool Cat Jim NF
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    Twiddlybitz-dotz Dotz Dotz
    Cowboy Burt Extrude
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    Killer Ants Regular
    Newt Juice Fill
    Newt Juice Outline
    Okra Cubo Regular
    Ring O Fire Oblique
    Twiddlybitz Complete Family Pack
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    Breeze™ Right
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    Rather Both
    Brewery™ No 2 Black
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    Novel Gothic
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    Agrafie™ Regular
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    Deconumbers™ Pi #2 (Ocra)
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