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    4 matches comment Yes, it's in the Windows/font folder. The folder use to be the kind with the file > install new font feature, but then suddenly changed to a website setup (Kind of hard to explain, referr to photo above), and now fonts just won't install. I've tried everything, drag/drop, restarting the computer, refreshing the fonts page, deleting tons of old/unused fonts. Nothing seems to work, and I'm so sorry for putting all of these questions on you. Darn computer. Anyways, since my computer is apparently the spawn of satan, I'm about ready to just give up and plead with my father to switch his computer with mine, since he never uses fonts anyhow. Thanks so much for your help, though.:) I'm just sorry my computer is such a peice of junk. -Karen
    4 matches comment My computer crashed recently, and I lost two fonts that I use frequently on my website, www.MrWeaver.net. The first font is used as a heading (in red) on every page ("updates" on the home page). The second font is used repeatedly on the top and left navigation bars. Please see for more examples of these fonts. Thanks for your help!!!
    1 matches comment Problem resolved. I restarded the computer. I'm an expert computer user but yet I didn't think to restart the computer. :oops:
    5 matches comment I managed to recover most of them - as I tend to go for the fonts with the crazy names (thus easy to remember). Sadly this one is eluding me. Any help will be gratefully recieved and I will eat a chcoolate bar in your honour Pete
    4 matches comment okay, so i get the whole concept of buying fonts (nothing really is free) but the downloading part...and especially using them...i'm lost. where do i download them to? how do i access them once i've got them and then how do i put them into action (ie: use them!) HELP!!!
    4 matches comment pretty cool, found some buttons and messages to be too small to read. so it reads ALL installed fonts from the computer and allows you to preview and manipulate them?
    1 matches comment I have a Mac and I am wondering if that is what the problem is... I am not by any stretch of the imagination computer saavy but I am desperately trying to figure all these things out by myself. I download the font and it shows up on my desktop as for example "download10.is" I do not know what type of file a .is is and when I try to open it up it goes to an internet page of cryptic messages. How do i get these fonts onto my computer or is the fact that I have a Mac a problem. Please HELP! :confused:
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11868 the problem was in my job's computer, but now in my home's computer i didnt how problems to install it. lot of thanks anyway!
    5 matches comment First- did you unzip them? If not , do so- I'm assuming that you know how, and if you don't, tell me & I'll post a new thread on that. (I recommend putting them somewhere that you would remember where you put them.) Then, go to your control panel. (In XP it should be on your start menu as a separate entity; in all the other versions it is in the start menu under 'all progams' then 'accessories'.) You should see a folder icon labeled 'fonts'. Double click on it. You should now see a list of all the fonts you have installed on your computer. Go to 'file'. Under 'file' it should say 'Install New Font...' . Click on it- a box should come up. In the box there is another box where you see folders. Navigate to wherever you put your fonts- again, I'm assuming you know how, and if you don't, tell me & I'll post a new thread on that. Your fonts should pop up in the top box which was empty before. Select the fonts you want to install or click 'select all'. Then click 'OK'. The fonts you selected should now start to be installed. When they are finished the boxes will close and you'll see the fonts folder again- this time, with the fonts you just installed included. Close the fonts folder. Now you can use your fonts on any program that lets you change the font! :cool: :)
    1 matches comment uploaded image im looking for the font Sydnie too. i was reading about it on a website and, natalie, do you have iTunes or Quicktime installed on your computer? if so, thats the reason sydnie has gone missing. there are no websites where you can permanently install it right now, unless its already on your computer, but this website was saying how iTunes and Quicktime steal that font from your computer. its really weird, but if you search for the font on Google, youll notice that its not just us who are looking for it. if you somehow find anyway to get it, please tell me!! thankss =]

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    Chip 1
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    Choc Chip
    Choc Dip
    Computer MF Normal
    Computer Regular
    M Computer HK Bold
    M Computer PRC Bold
    Computer Normal
    Chippies by Wassco Regular
    Fusaka™ Regular
    Linotype Zigibacks™ Two
    Teknik™ Regular
    Nasalization 3D
    Facsimile™ Regular
    Sharquefin™ Oblique
    Sharquefin™ Regular
    Synchro™ Reversed
    Antigen Bold
    Antigen Oblique
    Antigen Regular
    Montag Bold
    Montag Light
    Montag Oblique
    Montag Regular
    Systopie Bold
    Systopie Family
    Systopie Italic
    Systopie Regular
    Terfens Bold
    Terfens Italic
    Terfens Light
    Terfens Regular
    Arcle Bold
    Arcle Italic
    Arcle Light
    Arcle Medium
    Arcle Regular
    Chennai Black
    Chennai Medium
    Chennai Thin
    DraftWerk Bold
    DraftWerk Family
    DraftWerk Light
    DraftWerk Medium
    DraftWerk Regular
    Hybrea Light
    Hybrea Ultralight
    Omega Regular
    Quartz Bold
    Tips™ This Way
    AIKO Regular
    Compatil® Fact Value Pack
    Compatil® Letter Value Pack
    F2F Twins™ Regular
    Fencing™ Regular
    Kono Regular
    OCR A Regular
    OCR B Regular
    Sommet Black
    Sommet Bold
    Sommet Family
    Sommet Italic
    Sommet Light
    Sommet Regular
    Sommet Thin
    Yuki Regular
    Linotype Atomatic™ Regular
    Linotype Rory™ Oblique
    ITC Aftershock™ Regular
    ITC Belter™ Regular
    Linotype Mailbox™ Heavy
    Linotype Mailbox™ Light
    Linotype Technical Pi #1
    Linotype Technical Pi #2
    Sommet Heavy
    Cobol Bold
    Cobol Light
    Cobol Medium
    Cobol Regular
    Scriber Bold
    Scriber Italic
    Scriber Medium
    Scriber Regular
    Scriber Thin
    Toshiko ExtraLight
    Digital™ Regular
    Jesus Heals
    Jesus Lives
    Jesus Saves
    Cinecav X UI
    XingXungXang Xang
    XingXungXang Xing
    XingXungXang Xung
    Linotype Facts of Life™ One
    Linotype Facts of Life™ Two
    Linotype Squares™ Regular

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