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    1 matches comment view details for free font #14613 This version of Kinryu does not really have all of the characters for Chinese, rather those characters will be converted into circles with question marks. This font has been extended so as to include ancient Greek characters, Glagolitic and a few new Japanese kanji. Those characters which are converted into question marks by this font are not available in this font; That is because those characters are meant for the study of Japanese only.
    2 matches comment [quote]@UrbanFonts:Kat: please contact Brandon at info@urbanfonts.com[/quote] I don't see the need for a private conversation. The spider did his job. 25 of the 40 threads on the UFforum were copied from the AFforum. I couldn't care less who you want to hold responsible for that. You are. Whoever did it. The claw points at you. And at nobody else. Now, this may seem a case between you and Abstractfonts. But it isn't just that. It is also between you and me and the one that feeds me. You have [had] copied, not quoted within context, my posts without my consent. Without even asking me. Now understand me well; only me and the one that feeds me decide where post written by me will be published. Not you. What you did [had done] is beyond plain shameful plagiarism. It is piracy, theft. You were willing to pay for posts appearing on your forum. So that is what I and the one that feeds me demand from you. The fee is 50 Euro per post. Payable to the Anidan charity. Their Spanish bank account number is here. You, and everybody else can see on the restored Urbanfonts forum pages how many of my posts ended on the Urbanfonts forum pages. So the total fee is easy to calculate. Don't hesitate. Count, transfer the money and we can consider this ended. That is, between me, the one that feeds me and you. How to solve your problem with Abstractfonts.com? That is between you and Alex. If I were Alex I would think I was upset. Maybe even anoyed. My claw would reach far ...
    1 matches comment I am not exactly sure that this is the font that you are after but anyway.... :confused: ask jeeves for .. where can I find free scary fonts? you should get an option for "the claw" thats where I found KaBlam (along with about another 50 fonts I downloaded ;)) also there is a font called Puffys Dreamland which I think is on thsi very site, but thats more like small balls, but its cloud-esque :D
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12545 upside-down exclamation marks must have do their trick! kk, by "takes a while" you meant 0-3 days?
    1 matches comment Because it is not sunset, but "sunset__.ttf" that you have to ask Big Brother for. That is, including the quotation marks.
    1 matches comment You know what swallow, I did not. How am I supposed to know what Disney uses for a font in a film? I took the trouble to look at the Disney fontaholics site. But that's it. Am I really expexted to go out to a place a 100 km away to buy a film, to claw the frames to find a font to ID it? Only because it is too much trouble to post a pict? Sorry, disappointment all over the place, I won't.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6719 are there no punctuation marks for this font?
    1 matches comment the font doesnt have the marks in it, an designer rasterized the text nd edited it a little bit. so what is the text???? i need to know ASAP for a project due tomorow!! D:
    1 matches comment Jay, You are a cutie-pie. Along time ago I wanted to work in the diplomatic core - but due to some, um, black marks in my dossier -- this was not to be the case. Guess when I'm interested, I listen and observe... so you better stay interesting LOL
    1 matches comment [quote:33e55d3b21="Nikki"]What is SheerGrace?[/quote:33e55d3b21] Sorry, went too fast. SheerGrace is a clone of the font you are looking for, which in its turn is a clone of the original font the Shelley Volante. When BT (Bitstream) started their business they just copied about everything around, gave it a new name and started selling at a lower price. [quote:33e55d3b21="Nikki"]Who is Uncle? You say to ask uncle, but I have no idea of what or who uncle is.[/quote:33e55d3b21] Oops. Uncle is the allmighty allknowing uncle Google. So what you need to do is ask uncle Google for "sheergrace.ttf" (include the quotation marks). You get 5 links. The last 2 are a direct link to the font. Save to disk and you've got a clone of the font you are looking for. Or, ask uncle Google for the font you where actually looking for: English111PrestoBT. The first link points to myfonts.com. You don't even have to open that page because you will see Filename tt0595m_.ttf. Now ask uncle Google for "tt0595m_.ttf" (again include the quotation marks) and the very first link brings you to an open directory in Spain where tt0595m_.ttf lives in the wild along with a lot of other fonts that came with Corel Draw. Click, save to disk ... Bingo! See, live is a doddle. You'd better be fast. Because after this explanation that site may be closed down soon. Big Brother ...

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