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    2 matches comment apropriately named typeface Sudtipos Chocolate Caliente
    1 matches comment this was the first graphic i ever did on PSP8. Its one of my favorites!! [img:0223da27d7]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/brokenfaerie/chocolate.jpg[/img:0223da27d7] though now i am much better at doing them im still proud of my first one! hehe ~Faerie
    4 matches comment Anyone know where I might find this font?http://www.chocolateskateboards.com/index2.html looking for the font in the red cube. any help GREATLY appreciated! thanks
    3 matches comment I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the font type used in this poster, specifically the word 'charlie'... Much appreciated! :)
    2 matches comment it does make me happy! Glad it has a name, now to find it free (I only ever bought 1 font because I HAD to have it - that's 2 peas chicken shack). Thanks so much, I ate 2 chocolate bars and am now considering baking soem bikkies as well!
    1 matches comment chocolate teapot ? yummm !
    1 matches comment Hiya everyone, Could you please tell me what this font is? May the easter bunny bring you lotsa eggs....yummie swiss chocolate ones.. Thanks in advance
    1 matches comment ? Really I like it. ========== chocolate
    1 matches comment It's a famous chocolate candy, produced up until the 70's.
    1 matches comment [size=24:162cf97189]Help Please[/size:162cf97189] [color=chocolate:162cf97189]I need to find this font...[/color:162cf97189] Thanks so much if u can find it :D :D :D

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