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    4 matches comment Hi guys and gals, Im new to this forum and am looking for a font. it looks like it is pasted on a 57 chevy belair. any leads for the new guy? many thanks
    2 matches comment The first one (the script) looks very messy but I'll give it a try. Success not guaranteed! The second one is extremey similar to 'DS Nova Black' if it were not for the small indents. So, or Nikolay Dubina has released a new version (the one around is the initial release, 2002) or someone has been playing with the DS Nova Black.
    1 matches comment Looks like a modification of the Outlander Nova Black.
    1 matches comment Anyone know it's name? Thank you.
    1 matches comment Anyone know where I might be able to find the Chevrolet Camaro font, or any other car fonts?
    1 matches comment Hello, similar typefaces/fonts to Portago: http://www.identifont.com/similar?3EY But this will not give a uneroded Protago. Portago is from 1997, Lord Nova 2 might be right. Bye bye
    1 matches comment Well, since the "c" is the only glyph that looks like a Roman one, my suggestions are: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/efscangraphic/century-nova-sb/ or its cousin: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/new-century-schoolbook/
    1 matches comment ? for the Blackwater Ranch Ltd. My hubby and i just purchased it and i now have to do an official letter and i refuse to do it without the right letter head. I have been looking for hours now and i know exactly zip about font names,ect. Does anyone out there know where or what to look for, specifically, i am looking for a font that is very watery (blackwater) and bold (ranch) and maybe a little rustic, if I have to. I was hoping for something really special that i could then have airbrushed onto a nice old chevy truck, so i wanted it to be really cool. Sort of like country music meets alternative rock. But now I am so discouraged by the vast amount of fonts out there its very overwhelming. Can anyone out there help in any way? It would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Cat Harms. No its not a typo.

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    Bossa Nova
    Albia Nova
    Bosa Nova MF
    Decima Nova
    Iova Nova
    Neuropol Nova
    Neuropol Nova Xp
    Bossa Nova MVBStd
    Concorde Nova Italic
    Concorde Nova Medium
    Concorde Nova Regular
    Century Nova SB-Italic
    Century Nova SB-Roman
    Concorde Nova BQ Italic
    Concorde Nova BQ Medium
    Concorde Nova BQ Regular
    Decima Nova Bold
    Decima Nova Heavy
    Decima Nova Italic
    Decima Nova Light
    Espinosa Nova Bold
    Espinosa Nova Capitular I
    Espinosa Nova Capitular II
    Espinosa Nova Capitular IV
    Espinosa Nova Italic
    Espinosa Nova Ornaments
    Espinosa Nova Regular
    Espinosa Nova Titling
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Bold
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Incised
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Roman
    Neuropol Nova Bold
    Neuropol Nova Cond
    Neuropol Nova Italic
    Neuropol Nova Light
    Neuropol Nova Xp Bold
    Neuropol Nova Xp Italic
    Neuropol Nova Xp Light
    Outlander Nova Black
    Outlander Nova Bold
    Outlander Nova Light
    Outlander Nova Medium
    Proxima Nova A Black
    Proxima Nova A Bold
    Proxima Nova A Extrabold
    Proxima Nova A Italic
    Proxima Nova A Light
    Proxima Nova A Regular
    Proxima Nova A Semibold
    Proxima Nova A Thin
    Proxima Nova Black
    Proxima Nova Bold
    Proxima Nova Extrabold
    Proxima Nova Italic
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    Proxima Nova S Black
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    Proxima Nova S Semibold
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    Proxima Nova Semibold
    Proxima Nova Thin
    Decima Nova Bold Italic
    Decima Nova Heavy Italic
    Decima Nova Light Italic
    Espinosa Nova Aldine Italic
    Espinosa Nova Bold Italic
    Espinosa Nova Capitular III
    Neuropol Nova Bold Italic
    Neuropol Nova Cond Bold
    Neuropol Nova Cond Italic
    Neuropol Nova Cond Light
    Neuropol Nova Light Italic
    Neuropol Nova Xp Bold Italic
    Neuropol Nova Xp Light Italic
    Outlander Nova Black Italic
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    Outlander Nova Light Italic
    Outlander Nova Medium Italic
    Proxima Nova A Black Italic
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    Proxima Nova A Cond Black
    Proxima Nova A Cond Bold
    Proxima Nova A Cond Extrabold
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    Proxima Nova A Extrabold Italic
    Proxima Nova A ExtraCond Black
    Proxima Nova A ExtraCond Bold
    Proxima Nova A ExtraCond Extrabold
    Proxima Nova A ExtraCond Italic

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