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    14 matches comment is there such a thing?
    10 matches comment ? I need one with at least one character of a syringe (as in a shot) much appreciated
    1 matches comment I've seen a dingbat which has brain image in it... but i forgot the name of the dingbat.. can anyone help me?
    6 matches comment [quote]@koeiekat:Just wondering why you deleted your first post that started this thread ... and ... a bat is not a font ... thus ... font?[/quote] yeah, but i've upload a figure whit the dingbat i've create, but soon the pics was distorted, and then i delete it. do you want that i upload the pics? why it's so important for you, and if you want to know, my bat it's not ready in this moment.
    1 matches comment It looks like a dingbat or printer's ornament, perhaps a Victorian dingbat or fleuron.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know if there is a road dingbat font out there somewhere? something like LEGO roads if you know what I mean, like pieces of a road (straight ones, bent ones, crossings...) that you can put together to form a road. I have never seen any, but it would be great if there is one. Thank you!
    1 matches comment Looking for a flip flop dingbat symbol for summer time.
    1 matches comment The two dingbat fonts aren't freeware. There is a free zip-file, it contains "trials" of many dingbat fonts, but there are only the first 6 or 7 "letters" available. A trial of P'tit Dej and Paradise Fruits is included. For the full version you have to pay - see for yourself here: http://www.2000clipart.com/slide/dingshow.htm Ute
    1 matches comment a glyph Chyld font family ? Help me out, what do you mean? Which font do you want to use? Edit kk: OK, got it. It is that GemFonts dingbat. Chyld has restricted license embedding: No embedding allowed, font may not be embedded in a document/pdf/... So - legally - you are stuck. You have 2 options; 1. do not embed the dingbat but pack it together with the pdf and tell to (temporarily) install before opening the pdf, or, 2. - not so legal - change the embedding setting before making the pdf.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Does anyone know of a free dingbat set that has borders that resemble the scalloped edge of old photographs? Also looking for the corner points that they used to stick photos in a photo album.

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    DB Birthday Cheer
    Oregon Dingbat
    SP Taraville Dingbat
    SP Taraville Dingbat
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    Industrials™ One
    Pompeijana™ Borders
    Pompeijana™ Roman
    Journeys™ Pi
    Linotype Hieroglyphes™ One
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    Deconumbers™ Pi #2 (Ocra)
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    Fournier™ Ornaments
    Somewhat Decorative
    Linotype EuroFont™ A To F
    Linotype EuroFont™ G To P
    Linotype EuroFont™ R To S
    Linotype EuroFont™ T To W
    Calligraphic Ornaments™ PI
    Primitives™ Pi One (Two included)
    Wallflowers II
    Webdings® Regular
    Ale™ Transport
    Linobats™ Regular
    Robo Regular
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #1
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #2
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #3
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #4
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #5
    Universal Mathematical Pi™ #6
    Linotype Afrika™ One
    Linotype Afrika™ Two
    Tips™ This Way
    Ale™ Signs
    Azalea Rough
    Azalea Smooth
    Grante Regular
    Wingdings 1
    Wingdings 2
    Wingdings 3
    Linotype Astrolo™ Regular
    Linotype Festtagsfont™ Regular
    Linotype Shapeshifter™ Regular
    Linotype Technical Pi #1
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    Linotype Textil Pi #1
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    Giddyup Volume
    Linotype® European Pi 1
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    Eclectic One
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    Frutiger® Symbols Positiv
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    Linotype® Astrology Pi #1
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    Linotype Maenneken™ Regular
    Linotype Tagesstempel™ Fett
    Linotype Tangomaniacs™ Night

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