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    1 matches comment Vampire 1974 could you make a similar font using the name Tyler and would you be able to put a checkered flag in front of the name and one at the end of the name email is Luketyler@live.com
    2 matches comment Thanks ever so much for the reply. Can you think of any font that approxiamtes to it? As it doesn't have to be exact and I can add the flag myself. Thanks again.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11850 LOVE IT!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #5149 american flag, stripes and stars
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font used in this old revolutionary war flag. If anyone knows of a similar font, please let me know. Thanks.
    1 matches comment That is most likely a custom font in which someone manipulated the text to make it look as it does and then powerclipped the rebel flag inside the font. The font closest to the actual font itself is called carnivalee freakshow and here is the site to get it for free. http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=2898 Hope this helped you out.
    1 matches comment See? I always talk too much. I forgot to say one thing, the only important one. I'm sad for Roberto Donadoni. Exactly because he was one of the players of the striongest team I've ever seen – and probably wil in my whole life – on a pitch. But he couldn't have lost the match to a more illustrious and gifted man: that very Marco Van Basten. Congratulations and may your selection from a tiny country win Euro2008. I can't think of a better winner than the people who made tolerance and personal liberty their flag. Not that souvlaki and taramà were bad, not at all.
    1 matches comment The "roadwa" reminds me a lot of Eclat. http://www.itcfonts.com/fonts/font/pid/405832/Eclat/detail&grab_id=0&page_id=46964&query=eclat&SCOPE=ITCFonts Seeing the flag/banner below makes me think of Ballpark Swashes: http://letterheadfonts.com/fonts/ballparkscript.shtml If no one finds this for you - hopefully you can fake with the above mentioned.
    1 matches comment Oh well, what can I say about Adrian Frutiger's best known font? Ok, let's say it's a Swiss typeface, with a Swiss design, with its own Swiss clarity. It's probably one of the most readable (legible?) in the whole set of typefaces. I think it's cool – not in the meaning of stylish, but cool, as a thing thrown out of the fridge. It certainly makes its job well: it's been designed for CDG's airport signs and banners. Aside from that and road signs or very conservative logos and the small print – address and the like – in the stationery, I do not think I'd use it. Helvetica, to name another Swiss-made bestseller, has more flair to me and it's more versatile. (and yes, I do love Switzerland: the square flag, her William Tell and all the cows. And the lakes, the mountains, the weed)
    1 matches comment Hello, [quote]@Dianne I'm trying to solve a puzzle and have been given a hint by someone that to solve it, I need to find the font used. [/quote] No. You need the alphabet and the letters. What you call font is just a digiatalisation of one possible representation of the letters. :-) [quote] I have googled all morning to no avail! I'm not really even sure what keywords to search as I am not too familiar with fonts. [/quote] Alphabet! Letters! Don't care about the font. Ok, I go on ... [quote] Does anyone recognise it? [/quote] No. But the letters causes a deja vu. But it's not the alphabet I used to know. [quote] If not help me with some keywords to google so I can spend some time manually looking for it. [/quote] Keywords: signal(ing) flag, semaphore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_semaphore But this alphabet is only losely based on it. Just try a statistical analysis based on the occurency of the different signs/letters. It's the base method for this kind of soft crptography. Also try social engeenering ... bye bye

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