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    18 matches comment view details for free font #11670 hi, i want to use font planet estyle (id:11670) in my website, but i couldn't make it run, please help me, this is the css code for declare font: @font-face {font-family: "Planet Estyle"; src: url(mydomain/css/PLANE___.TTF) format("truetype"); } thanks for any tip franklin
    16 matches comment view details for free font #11510 Horror font with a water reflection. Made by Nú-Dës
    13 matches comment view details for free font #11945 Anja Denali claims to be the author on dafont
    12 matches comment view details for free font #15564 Nicely done! I love the "Be nice to the cats" preview text :)
    1 matches comment Charlemagne Bold i've uploaded it to 4shared here's the link Moderator edit: Charlemagne is a commercial font. Link removed.
    1 matches comment Charlemagne Bold, I guess http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/charlemagne/bold/
    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    10 matches comment view details for free font #11654 The author of Creampuff is Nick Curtis. At this thread he eluciated, that this font is a redraw from the Eclat-typeface from Doyald Young. So: It is NOT an illegal copy of Eclat, it is an unique digitization, therefore legal and free, too.
    9 matches comment view details for free font #11920 Isn't this GE's corporate font, GE Inspira?
    8 matches comment view details for free font #12002 Watford-Regular, a true clone of the Zarana. And like the Zarana completely disappeared from the font scene. So, here it is again.

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    Charlemagne Std-Regular
    Charlemagne Std-Bold
    Trajan Charlemagne Volume
    Pantographia Charlemagne One
    Pantographia Charlemagne Three
    Pantographia Charlemagne Two
    Charlemagne Volume
    Novel Std Regular
    Novel Std SC Regular
    Charlemagne™ Regular
    Novel Std OSF Regular
    AG Book Std Regular
    Allumi Std Regular
    Ambroise Std Regular
    Arventa Std Regular
    Costa Std Regular
    Evo Std Regular
    Kropotkin Std 20 Regular
    Marat Std Regular
    Parisine Plus Std Regular
    Secca Std Regular
    AG Book Std Cond Regular
    Allumi Std Extended Regular
    Kropotkin Std 21 Condensed Regular
    Kropotkin Std 22 Expanded Regular
    Kropotkin Std 23 Regular Oblique
    Marat Std Regular Italic
    Secca Std Demo Regular
    Kropotkin Std 24 Condensed Regular Oblique
    Kropotkin Std 25 Expanded Regular Oblique
    Akzidenz Grotesk Std Regular
    Ambroise Std Firmin Regular
    Ambroise Std Francois Regular
    Arventa Std Slab Regular
    Le Monde Courrier Std Regular
    Le Monde Journal Std Regular
    Le Monde Livre Std Regular
    Parisine Office Std Regular
    Parisine Plus Std Clair Regular
    Parisine Plus Std Sombre Regular
    Parisine Std Sombre Regular
    Fenice Std-Regular
    Isadora Std-Regular
    Apolline Std Regular
    Galahad Std-Regular
    Graphite Std-Regular
    Jimbo Std-Regular
    Kepler Std-Regular
    Kinesis Std-Regular
    Mezz Std-Regular
    Nueva Std-Regular
    Origami Std-Regular
    Parisine Std Regular
    Pepperwood Std-Regular
    Phoenica Std Regular
    Rosewood Std-Regular
    Verve Std-Regular
    Viva Std-Regular
    Zebrawood Std-Regular
    Penumbra Sans Std-Regular
    Motter Corpus Std-Regular
    Angie Sans Std Regular
    Anisette Std Petite Regular
    Briem Akademi Std-Regular
    Briem Script Std-Regular
    Conga Brava Std-Regular
    Le Monde Sans Std Regular
    Le Monde Sans Std SC Regular
    Penumbra Flare Std-Regular
    Penumbra Serif Std-Regular
    Secca Art Std Regular
    Charlemagne™ Bold
    Le Monde Livre Classic Std Regular
    Novel Std Bold
    Novel Std DEMO
    Novel Std ExtraBold
    Novel Std ExtraLight
    Novel Std Italic
    Novel Std Light
    Novel Std SC Bold
    Novel Std SC ExtraBold
    Novel Std SC ExtraLight
    Novel Std SC Italic
    Novel Std SC Light
    Novel Std SC SemiBold
    Novel Std SemiBold
    Bulldog Std
    Oksana Std
    Novel Std Bold Italic
    Novel Std ExtraBold Italic
    Novel Std ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std Light Italic
    Novel Std OSF Bold
    Novel Std OSF ExtraBold
    Novel Std OSF ExtraLight
    Novel Std OSF Italic
    Novel Std OSF Light
    Novel Std OSF SemiBold
    Novel Std SC Bold Italic
    Novel Std SC ExtraBold Italic

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