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    3 matches comment I am looking for a font that looks like a child has written it in chalk. Does anybody know of a font or fonts like this. I can find plenty of fonts that look like kids writing but none with the chalk effect. Thanks for the help Kind Regards Gary M
    1 matches comment Gary, Are you sure this is a font? I feel it was hand drawn, maybe even using chalk...unless that is what it is suppose to represent. Sorry I cannot help.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #4431 Just seen, that Eraser has no keywords. So: chalk, blackboard, school could be some. Thanks Mr McGee for helping.
    1 matches comment no but thanks. There's a difference between Chalkboard and Chalk Board. I need the first one.
    1 matches comment [img:1b98955557]http://www.bleim.com/font.jpg[/img:1b98955557] Well, anyone know what font is this ? And how many chalks font are in this web? i need a chalk font but only found one that like me, i need more :(, where can i found it ??? [ Sorry for my english, i not english :) ]

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