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    10 matches comment uploaded image This was The promotional graphic sent by Aeropostale (https://blnts.com/pages/aeropostale-canada) 05/21/09 designed for their week-long Memorial Weekend Sale... I don't recall getting an email from them and this font (lt chickenhawk) has always been designated "free for personal use" Of course I will be blogging this up (PR you know, PR :P), but umm, should I contact them or am I just kidding myself? **Sorry I always come to you guys w/ my font/type questions. I choose this site over What the Font any day, thanks for letting me hang out here :)
    2 matches comment Hi all first time messaging, love the work the whole team and community does on here, it's been a great help and a huge source of inspiration. Ok down to business, I am trying to find this font (the 'smash hits' title) I have seen similar but and trying to find the exact if possible or a closer match possible. Thanks in advance.
    4 matches comment I was wondering if anyone knew of a either free program that will enable me to open extended open type fonts? I am aware of adobe cs and illustrator, but they are too expensive for me. Thank you in advance.
    3 matches comment How can i download fonts onto open office? Yes, the program sucks but it would suck less if i had really cool fonts! :) P.s. i have the stupid windows vista version
    3 matches comment BT - thus commercial. You should not ask for this. Next time ask for a clone. Try to find SheerGrace. You can also ask uncle for English111PrestoBT. In the first result you see tt0595m_.ttf. Ask uncle again, and again the very first link brings you to an open directory in Spain. Open and you'll see that English111PrestoBT and Shelley Volante are identical. See? Life's easy.
    4 matches comment I need a free(or cheap) alternative to the following font: "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT" Not just Times New Roman. Any suggestions? This is for Open Office.
    1 matches comment Thanks for replying Paul. I can't get it to work in either Paint Shop Pro or Microsoft Word. This is the only font I have had any problem with so far (not that I have that many) ... I've installed it both to C:Windows/Fonts & to a separate folder in My Docs where I can open & see the font. I leave this window open then open PaintShopPro. It shows up in the dropdown list but it types as Arial. I'm very computer illiterate so any help is very much appreciated.
    4 matches comment I can only open the fonts in FontCreator. Everything else crashes even after a clean restart on all PCs - even on the beast. In short, these Megabytes things are completely useless.
    1 matches comment Just open up your QuickTime and the font is there as long QT is open. It is a font which comes with the app. So if it is open it is loaded, if not, not.
    1 matches comment If you want use font, you not needs to install it. Simple open that font file, that do you want use and keep open. Then open your application in that you want to write and let type. Than you close font file, all letterings (that used this font) will change. But not every program can use it. For sample GIMP use only thats fonts, that are in c\windows\fonts folder.

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    Smash Hollow
    Smash Complete Family Pack
    Smash Complete Family Pack
    CC SmashInt'l
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    Augustea Open LET
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    Embryo Open
    Open Range
    Newtron™ Open
    Augustea Open EF
    That Open
    Augustea Open SB-Regular
    Open Lunch Oblique
    Open Lunch Regular
    Open Lunch-Outline
    Caslon Open Face
    Cloister Open Face
    Cloister Open Face
    Open Lunch-Outline Oblique
    Bertham™ Open
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    CCFramistat Open
    CCRumble Open
    CCSchools Out-Open
    CCSlaphappy Open
    CCZzzap Open
    Shake Open
    LTC Goudy Open Italic
    LTC Goudy Open Regular
    Zero Open Bold
    Zero Open Fine
    Zero Open Regular
    Zero-Open Bold
    Zero-Open Fine
    Zero-Open Regular
    Chevalier™ Open SC (D)
    Generation Open
    Virile Open
    Geotica Four Open
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    Geotica Two Open
    Chevalier™ Open DisCaps (D)
    Generation Open
    CorTen Open Fat
    VideoTech Open A Italic
    VideoTech Open Italic
    VideoTech Open Outline
    VideoTech Open Plain
    Abby Open
    Aldo Open
    Antediluvian Open
    Banderole Open
    Banjoman Open
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    SB Message Open

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