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    1 matches comment Funny, marked solved - but it isn't.
    1 matches comment Oops, I compared with the 1979, not with the Mata. 1979, the clone indeed, has same glyphs for upper case as for lower case. And you are right Swallow: Mata upper case matches except for the 'A', which, as you say is most probably a flipped 'V' with some modification to the ends of the strokes. Solved. Thank you.One of those days when it pays off to not to be careful :)
    1 matches comment Without any doubt. Porcelain. I have marked this solved. Can't stand the maybe on Extra ornamental. Maybe bold ... There is no Extra Ornamental bold. There are only overcompressed fuzzy picts.
    1 matches comment You're right ! Thanks to all of you. Case Solved.
    1 matches comment ¡¡¡ ¿¿¿ Blackadder ??? !!! Jefferson!! This case was solved!!
    1 matches comment thanks neo...the serpentine is pretty close, in fact I can't really see a difference, so I'm going to consider this case solved...
    1 matches comment Sorry, I can't change "Solved" to yes ... error message with a cookie not defined ... please move to Solved if you're able! Thanks :)
    5 matches comment I'm looking for a freeware celtic font similar to Valhalla or Ale and Wenches. Those 2 fonts are beautiful but do not support lower case or upper case or both look the same. Would be really happy if someone could help.
    4 matches comment as I said in the other post, welcome to our life :) The thing that itches me the most actually is that fairly 60% of all the solved cases are left un-thanked, which is a shame.
    1 matches comment The title says all... How can I looking for a accent marked fonts in this site? Thanks, Seiki.

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