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    6 matches comment Hi!, i am wondering where i can get the front the the 1970's kds programme The Magic Roundabout, i cant seen to locate it anyehere, the nearest front that looks like it is the Carnival front.
    3 matches comment Andrew, I can only give you one further advice: use a better tracing program. I would strongly suggest Vector Magic: http://vectormagic.com/home
    1 matches comment Oh, I see, you have seen it. Log into veer.com, it doesn't hurt, it costs you nothing (no spam!) and you'll see what Alejandro Paul has done … Magic that is.
    2 matches comment ! Any ideas on this for something similar? I seem to be unable to post the image as an attachment. Here's a link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_faki7bAW2zg/StSWIeUBuJI/AAAAAAAAAfU/r4ACP60r9Vg/s1600-h/mermaid.poster.1.jpg Tiki Magic is dead on for most of it. Thanks so much! Ideas for the words "the" and "just"?
    1 matches comment What's the need ? A font? i doubt it. G has serif, A doesn't. Redesign it? pass it thru Vector Magic, sign up and get 2 free try! http://vectormagic.com/home :)
    1 matches comment Hey, Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for the font "Black Magic" is written in, or something very similar. Thanks a ton! A
    1 matches comment I realise they are done by hand. I wasnt looking for a magic auto kerning pair tool. i was just wondering, for example LT AV are obvious ones but I was thinking that there would somewhere be a list of common ones or typical ones. Or that there would be a body of text you could use to check your kerning pairs.
    1 matches comment I need help. I need fonts for all NBA teams excluding the following: Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Orlando Magic can u ppl tell me the names of them if u know? Mr. Baron (asw_scorpion@hotmail.com , aswlive@yahoo.ca)
    2 matches comment firstly delete the complete file you have. then download the whole thing again from the font magic site here once you have done this unzip the whole lot to a new folder on your desk top and look for a icon called CharikterPicker.ocx and right click it. then select open with. you should then be offered a sellection of apps. just press the other button and then look in C:/ then windows then system and then look for an program called REGSVR32.EXE you may have to put the folder into name order once you have found and selected it click OK the system should now tell you that the OCX file has been reg'd and should look diffrent. finally go to close all folders and reboot you should never have the problem again. e-mail me if this don't work BiG Keep on fonting :D
    1 matches comment The script looks like Magic from Sign DNA. CONSTRUCTION should be Impact. PS: You’ll get the font by buying it, then it belongs to you for a lifetime.

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