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    2 matches comment I have gotten very much used to the Calibri font. I like its smooth lines, but I also want a serif font (for the occasional distinction between “1” and “I,” etc.). Is there a serif take-off from Calibri, or at least, a serif font that looks much like Calibri?
    1 matches comment Hello! I want reverse italics (you know how when you do italics it adjust the weighting to the right, well I want to adjust it to the left) for Calibri. Please provide. Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: I'm using Office 2007 SP1
    2 matches comment You need the TimesNRMTStd.otf and possibly the TimesNewRomanMTStd-Bold.otf to reproduce that text with the proper smallcaps.
    3 matches comment I was given this font ("Obstacle" as a TTF) by a friend who'd like me to use it in his literature. It appears to be a TTF from one of these "free font collections", but it's so familiar, I believe this is also a legitimate font from a more common foundry, and available in OTF. I'm inquiring to learn whether anyone knows of the original font's name? Thank you in advance!
    5 matches comment Now...when I opened this spawn in fontlab...OMFG...so many points, overlapped curves, stray points..I guess that was the intention, to be grungy-trashy, but that's no excuse for not optimizing your font. When tried to export this to OTF FL crashed :)
    1 matches comment uploaded image OTF CFF is FAR superior to TTF vector > bitmap Why are there only 49 matches to a search for "OTF"
    1 matches comment To access the alternates in an otf font you need to work with an otf aware application. Alas, there are only a few around and all very expensive.
    1 matches comment Thought it was Calibri but it's not. Kind of close to Berliner Grotesk but it's not. Also tried NeuNeuland, no go Not Goudy Sans either I'm stumped and need it for a project. Any ideas?
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello everyone I wanted to ask for your kind assistance in a question about Abstract Fonts itself. I'm new to the site and noticed that they have a "Pixel-Bitmap Font" catagory. My question is are these TRUE bitmap fonts (such as PNGs)? Or are they TTF/OTF fonts that happen to LOOK like bitmap fonts? I ask because I have a PNG bitmap font I have drawn up and would like to upload to the site. I embarked on this little project before I knew anything about TTF/OTF formats so I only have my glyphs in a bitmap form. They are rather large and of high resolution but still bitmaps. Would anyone here know if Abstract accepts such fonts? Thank you all!
    2 matches comment The attached text was produced on an IBM Selectric III Compatible typewriter. I know it is Letter Gothic and presumably at 12 pitch as that was the standard size for this font on the IBM - but here's my problem: I'm trying to recreate this font on a PC but having difficulty. 1) Using the font 'lettergothicstd.otf' is very similar, but the original text is much more condensed... 2) The weight of the font in the original is much heavier than I can create. Bolding up lettergothic.otf is still not as heavy as the original. Does anyone know why I can't get the original look of the IBM Selectric in terms of how the font is condensed and its weight? Many thanks

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