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    1 matches comment In a glyph the direction of a vector, clockwise or counter clockwise determines whether the vector is 'filled' or not. Or in more popular terms, the vector direction of the outline of a glyph is clockwise. If a 'hole' in the outline is needed, like an a, an e, a d, the vector that creates that 'hole' needs to have a direction that is counter clockwise. Otherwise you have a 'black hole'. You sometimes see that happen with badly made fonts. Suddenly one letter that should have a 'hole' is completely filled. Pfffffffffffffffffftt. End of lecture.
    1 matches comment Try a manually more slanted Bullet.
    3 matches comment Hole in one? http://www.katsfunfonts.com/ Go page 8.
    1 matches comment [quote:cd2d88e839="siara"]I can only find a phone number and I am over in Australia and the number doesn't seem to work.[/quote:cd2d88e839] You know what the + stands for? Bodybag for a logo???????????????????????????? Anyway try this MR.FISK OFFICIAL FONT-HOLE <> http://www.fiskish.net/fonts.shtml MR.FISK UNOFFICIAL FONT-HOLE <> http://hem2.passagen.se/akkustic/ www.fiskish.net Mr.Fisk@fiskish.net +46-739-387513
    1 matches comment yeah, guess your right.... So, its just, you know - I'm weird. Si don't care, I'll always talk rubbish, and not just once or twice but the hole time, so just like isaid - forget it. Whatever.
    1 matches comment Bullet Small Caps formally known as Global Small Caps. All lower case.
    1 matches comment there is no bullet-proof method. a file can be in cluded but it could be fake, or it could not be there. Metrics data could be there or not. If it is there it could easily be fake. Safest way is to find a font you like check those two sources, if the conflict or one is missing, contact the designer. the designer might or might not reply. btw, welcome Cheryl. I know what you mean about the t-shirts :)
    1 matches comment [quote]@tophy52:Would a simple Helvetica Bold Condensed be used?[/quote] Its not Helv Bold Cond. the 2 is curved not angular, the hole in the 6 is too oval, and Helv is not the same thickness on all strokes. Sorry not it. Shaun
    1 matches comment ? I am looking for the simplest thing, a very plain fontbat of the alphabet letters in a simple circle, similar to the number sets in our beloved ITC Zapf Dingbats. I cannot imagine that it was not one of the first sets created, however I do not remember actually seeing it and can not locate it for the life of me. I find every other flavor under the sun (including letters within squares, ovals, decorated circles, etc) but not the simple bullet that I am seeking. Any help would be most appreciated
    1 matches comment Hard to say. Try the Futuristic-category here. or for the commercial fonts (recommended as it is for commercial use): FF Softsoul by Donald Beekman. Or Bullet by House Industries.

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