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    3 matches comment ! Hay, can anyone help me? I'm looking for a font called Brunel, the only referance i can find on the web is that it is a modern attempt of the 70's british rail font aptly named 'Rail Alphabet' Can i download it, even view it anywhere?? Any help would be appreciated,
    2 matches comment Are there any fonts used by TV channels (preferrably British!) available? Such as the font used by the BBC?
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font used on the side of the Ireland Rail Inter City trains that reads "Inter City" It may be a custom so if you know of a similar font that I could adjust that would be fine. I prefer free fonts. peter
    1 matches comment oh yea.... didnt notive that you're from england. however, calling americans arrogant is stereotyping again, so we should be all nice and not bash anyone. im sure you're aware of jokes and stereotypes about england and british people... :D please
    1 matches comment Hi, Look at British Inserat: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=%22British+Inserat%22 Bye bye
    1 matches comment Hello Font experts, I would like to know the font face used for the big shouty headlines on the front page of the British newspaper the Daily Mail. Please see attached image. Many Thanks, John.
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    1 matches comment Hi, grab a PDF vom sky and look at the list of embedded typefaces: SkyText. Next Step is to extract the typeface by loading in Fontforge an looking in the typeface properties for the copyright: SkyText Copyright (c) 2009 BSkyB Ltd. It's might be a custom font for British Sky Broadband. bye bye
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15545 PLEASE HELP SAVE THE HONEYBEE.... This font is classed as Donationware all proceeds will go directly to the British Bee Keepers Association BBKA Registered Charity No. 212025 , please give whatever you can directly @ http://www.bbka.org.uk/about/donate ,also check their charity commission website @ http://bit.ly/IAeSh4 http://www.facebook.com/britishbeekeepersassociation http://www.twitter.com/britishbee
    1 matches comment ? With the development of tower buildings, the demand of elevators are in rising and large-volume trend as they have to serve many people in short time. Tokyo Sky Tree is the representative of these tower buildings, where set a 600m/min high speed and large volume elevator as well as the 464.4m working elevator with longest lifting distance in Japan, to the "Tembo Viewing Platform" and "Tembo Galleria", which are 350m and 450m respectively away from the ground. This article introduced the rolling bearings that used in such elevators with high security and comfort.   1. Rolling bearing housing in elevators The driving steel wire rope pulley of the winding machine loads the car weight, car self weight, clump weight, wirerope self weight etc., thus it needs large load for the tower and large volume. Therefore, winding machine should adopt bearings with features of large loading capacity, long service life, excellent and high speed, low noise, and low vibration. For such requirements, roller bearings with automatic adjusting core that can balance the bending between the shaft and shell can be used in winding machines as they have advantages of large loading capacity and easy installation. Generally grease lubrication is performed to such bearings and under spot check of the rules, it should add the grease.    2. Special steel for bearings carrier roller consists of rail wheel, rolling element and holder that can support the rolling elements. Under high contact pressure, the former two parts will perform rolling contact with the sliding. The holder is in free sliding contact with the other one or two parts and bears the tensile strength and pressure force. Therefore, materials of the three components need different performance. 3. Manufacturing technology of the bearings The main factor that impacts the fatigue life of the rolling bearing is the non-metallic inclusion in steel, which is the impurity in steel, and if it is under the bearing rail, there will be stress concentration to its surroundings, then cause crack, extension and crush in the end. Especially for bad influence of hard oxides to non-metallic inclusion, it is the effective way to reduce the oxygen content in the steel. Those steel manufactuers have done this through development of technologies such as dissolution, refining, VD and continuous casting etc.      4. Long service life for bearings Elevator bearings should have high reliability so as to avoid bearing crush. As mentioned above, we know that such crush is affected by the non-metallic inclusion in steel , thus the review and manufacture control are very important to the inclusions. Nowadays, bearings of carrier roller manufacturers are mainly made of high clean steel that can reduce the oxygen content and inclusions. In addition, through eveluation technique for material cleaniness such as the improvement of image analytic method, high reliable bearing steel with large particle inclusions that can reduce the effect to the bearing life has been developed.       5. Mute, low vibration, self aligning roller bearing for elevator    Representatives including Tokyo Sky Tree with high speed and large volume elevator winding engine adopts self aligning roller bearing that can meet the requirements of reducing the nose and vibration, whose special designs are: 1) Optimization of the space in the bearing 2) Improvement of the part precision      For elevator bearings with requirement of high reliability, it is very important to select steel with high cleanliness and quality management. High speed elevators in tower buildings day by day need attention of high security, high speed and low noise, thus best materials for bearings are urgently expected to develop.

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