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    10 matches comment pressure plus 2. (Count that for the KKat!;-)) It is really, REALLY sad, that in 2 weeks the histories of 2 huge font-forum-archives are gone. Please don't tell me that it's true. And I'm always nice to cats. One is named "Figo" and the second is named "Nuo". And - no - it wasn't me who came up with the names.
    3 matches comment uploaded image How can I find out when this type format will be released to buy/download? Mike C
    2 matches comment That's odd. I have several True Type fonts installed on my Mac and they seem to work fine. (Though I don't trust them enough to not outline them in Illustrator before sending to an offset printer.) Still a mystery. I would looooove to use these cool fonts, so I'll keep trying to figure it out. AND keep searching for Mac font sites. Know of any good ones? Thanks Alex. (And anyone else who can advise.)
    3 matches comment which looks like old lead type setting ? Once I saw such a (True Type ?)-font on a hompage from some foundry - but I've forgotten where. Bent K
    2 matches comment And Kat? Razor sharp. And very true. Very true indeed. Yes. But I believe all of us are guilty at one time or another of not thinking these things through...but still, you make a very good and true point. Which is all very true.
    1 matches comment I looked at the pdf file it gives me this MSTT31138a4a51100 true type ansi and x904e0210 true type ansi I will start looking in the Czech font, I starting to wonder if the translater of this bible pdf made their oen font up. ???? with a mix of timesnewroman and their own stuff. Well thanks for your advice. JK
    7 matches comment ! not ALL free fonts are listed on Abstract or Dafont, some designers choose where they want to be distributed. But what's the point of giving the same link as above, Prop?
    2 matches comment Dear, We are interesting for your »LMS Letterbat Friends (True type)« fonts. We would like to use it for embroidery distribution. We send you this email as a question, if this fonts are free of charge. If not, please tell us the price and the way to buy it. It would be nice if you give us a quick response. With best regrds, Natasa Pevcevic Svilanit d.d. Kovinarska 4 1241 Kamnik Slovenia vzorcni.oddelek -at- svilanit.si Edit kk: Email address made unreadable for bots.
    7 matches comment Wondering what this Clarendon-like typeface (or maybe even actual Clarendon variation/style) is or any details on it. Thanks in advance my loves :) ~Lauren More examples can be seen here http://www.okaybeta.com/work/beautiful.html
    7 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--

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    Isis Type Foundry . Misprinted Type external . Pastaza Type external . Reference Type Foundry . Surface Type . The League of Moveable Type external . The Type Fetish external . Unauthorized Type .

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