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    1 matches comment Well, humm, I don’t judge the pricerange of foundries. But at H+F you'll get fonts with the highest qualities. Aaaaand each knockout-weight has a name inspired by the boxing and wrestling jargon. Where else could you get things like that?
    1 matches comment Can someone tell me what the font used for the red text is called? It seems to be used in most of these old boxing posters. The capital 'R' led me to helvetica. Helvetica however, even when stretched doesn't produce the same 'S'. Also the capital 'C' in helvetica is rounded all the way, rather than at the top and bottom (staying fully vertical in the middle). Any help is much appreciated.
    1 matches comment I have never managed to exactly match this seemingly popular font, commonly found on boxing posters. I've come close but the uppercase 'S' and 'R' are never both as they appear in 'PRESLEY'. Either The R will be the same but the S will have corners where it curves, or the S will be the same but the R will have a straight right leg. I have included a couple of other examples, other key features include straight vertical stems on Gs Cs and Os I've used all the tools available such as identifont whatthefont etc. and I can't seem to lock it down. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thankyou for your time.

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