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    8 matches comment view details for free font #12538 The Regime Change that art life found for Edward Fisher. By an unknown designer. Renamed to Regime Change 2006 (the year of the creation of the font) to avoid naming conflict with Jason Ramirez' Regime Change font (although ... also 2006 ... lots of regime changes that year?)
    4 matches comment It's called "Regime Change" http://www.fontparade.com/index.php?page=font&id=2624
    2 matches comment view details for free font #12716 Lizzy, before you follow up on bob's suggestion, open your font again in Font Creator, goto format naming and change the copyright notice (and if you like also the trademark) - both in Macintosh and Microsoft. Then, under both, goto advanced and change the description. Having done all that the font is really truly yours. Then zip it and mail it to Alex so that he can replace it here. Yes, nice messy hand. Thanks,
    1 matches comment each time a description of the change, there is always plenty to talk about around the world. they are not exempt. a statement usually are: "i have to change almost immediately versions, so do not expect me to date continue to attack ..
    1 matches comment ...the grafx designer sent it to me app. 7 years ago. I only have this bad image. I'd like 2 repaint/redesign it but the logo is printed everywhere! So I can't change it - that would be like you change eg. the INTEL or COKE logo...
    3 matches comment how important is the original poster? it just add to complexity of the database, i just want to make sure it is worth it what would that change for you if you get to see the name of the very first person in the thread?
    3 matches comment Thanks for reply koeiekat, but i've no friend with mac (not so popular here) and about myfont is very difficult to change background color e/o style.
    1 matches comment Is there any way to change our password on this site? I've looked under help and all tabs and do not see any info. Info or a link to it would be helpful. I can never remember the one they set me up with, lol. thanks dee
    3 matches comment In some fonts i've noticed some characters seem to change shape and spacing, depending on the following letter. Notably with the capital T. What do you call this and how can this be done in a program like FontCreator?
    3 matches comment can i change the color of the font, i dont want it back, i want it some other color, how can i do it?

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