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    12 matches comment I just purchased CornDog font and it is blurry, jagged. I contacted the creator and he said that he created it on Mac and doesn't know how to solve my problem. I am not super computer skilled, on Windows 2000 and just simply wanting to drop the Font onto images. We are using it as our Logo name font for website and maybe some printed material later down the road. This is what he said it is: CFF (PostScript) OpenType font Can anyone help? Any image editing program, that is free that we can download that will make the font sharp and clean? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Oh, wow, my first exact recognition. And I'm almost drunk. My pleasure, Johan. Definitely my pleasure.
    3 matches comment Could be (difficult to say with a pict as blurry as this) Colossalis Bold or Black, stretched a bit. Colossalis, how appropriate!
    1 matches comment I am searching for font that look's like when u r reading without your glasses, or when u r drunk! Thank u!
    1 matches comment I hope it's not too blurry. If it I can try to find a more clear image. Thanks!
    1 matches comment fonts or effects? that looks like a blurry Impact
    1 matches comment uploaded image Here is a bigger sample, tho it's a bit blurry. Hope this helps, thanx.
    1 matches comment Forgive me for the blurry image, as I had to blow it up to make it more readable. Also the misspelling of 'sentence' was not my doing.
    1 matches comment Hi Kat, many thanks for the help, they are both very close, I went with High Noon. No, the original was from UK! I am glad you confirmed that it was blurry as I thought my eyes were getting worse and didnt like to say anything! Thanks Kat Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Sorry the pic is so blurry and hard on the eyes... It's all they had to send me. I thought the font was Cooper, but cooper is a bit too round. Any suggestions on this one?

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