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    9 matches comment Hey again, Got another request...I am looking for some stained glass freeware fonts similar to ITC stained glass one (which I bought and really like). For those who don't know, ITC's stained glass font has letters against a stained glass background. Somewhere, a few months ago, I saw a font that was quite similar...at another font archive. I cannot remember the whole name....it was called "____ Cathedral". I believe there were initials before the name "Cathedral", like KD or something. The font is basically a freeware version that is similar to the commercial version (but is NOT a copy) of the stained glass font. I was wondering if there are any fonts like that one around? Also if you find the ___ Cathedral font could you provide a download link? thanx! Lynda :)
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    3 matches comment cruel blood
    3 matches comment Can any of you tell me what this font is? Thanks!! It was embroidered but it had to be punched and they want to add lettering to the logo, that is why I need to know! thanks!
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    1 matches comment ? True Blood DVD has a unique setting, interesting characters and the main ones are likable as well, good script, great storyline - even a sense of humor.The main vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)is suitably dark, handsome, brooding and maybe even just a little bit scary.The female lead, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is delightful, pretty, spirited and very likable.I'm quite interested in seeing how their romance will develop. www.dvdboxroom.com
    2 matches comment yea, that's what it was, here's the link, scrll down to Blood Omen 2: http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=804
    1 matches comment right. its like getting blood from a turnip when you want people to kick down some cheese for a font.

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