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    2 matches comment Blue Highway in all Caps may give you the look you are looking for http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/blue%2520highway
    1 matches comment Nevermind, found it! :D It's called Nose Bleed... http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/download.is?id=233
    2 matches comment The site is supposed to give a spooky dark look reflecting Zim and Jhonen's works, but also to be bright enough for the happy-Poonchy-thingy. Dark dark blue is no good... I'm not sure what to use other than dark blue...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12100 A Blue Vinyl font. But not to be found on the Blue Vinyl website.
    1 matches comment Members can post messages asking for help with font usage, identification, etc. If you are posting a font identification request, please attach an image of the font you would like to be identified. In your posts you can use most of the BB codes. For example: [b]bold[/b] [i]italic[/i] [url]http://www.abstractfonts.com/[/url] [img]/img/af.png[/img] [color=blue]blue[/color] The codes above become: bold italic http://www.abstractfonts.com/ [img]/img/af.png[/img] [color=blue]blue[/color] Please post any questions you have regarding this forum in this thread
    1 matches comment Hey there- When you say two fonts, are you referring to the "brothers chaps" one as well as your "eLIMental" one? Either way I have the eLIMental one for you: Blue Highway, by Mr. Ray Father-Of-The-Freeware-Font-Community Larabie. And I must agree, very licious it is too. Hope that does ya! Sumptuously, -Třrnquist
    1 matches comment How about something like Blue Highway - by Larabie http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/highway shows one weight here: more weights (and you can condense it yourself) http://www.dafont.com/blue-highway.font?nb_ppp=50&af=on&text=CONSTRU Or even closer - Bebas by Flat-It http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/bebas
    2 matches comment Nothing exactly like it I'm afraid. But if you can live with an R that does not match the Interstate or the Expressway could do the job. A freebee is the Blue Highway.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi, sorry for the mangled GIF of Interstate, I try a PNG insted. The shown typeface is Blue Highway by Ray Larabie. Its a clone of interstate an a few cuts are free off charge. Bye -Bye
    1 matches comment Hi, very close: Interstate Black: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/fontbureau/interstate/ Have a look at the free Freeway Gothic: http://www.dafont.com/freeway-gothic.font?text=thebestofunitedkingdom and Blue Highway (the bold): http://www.dafont.com/blue-highway.font?text=thebestofunitedkingdom bye bye

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    Blue Thunderbird
    Blue Brush
    Blue Century
    Blue Goblet
    Blue Island
    Blue Plaque
    Blue Sugar
    Blue Type
    Rhodamine Blue
    Blue Global-Orbital
    Blue Global-Out Of Space
    Blue Global-Regular
    Blue Goblet Bold
    Blue Goblet Oblique
    Blue Goblet-Alternate One
    Blue Parrot JNL
    Blue Point Normal
    Blue Sugar Dirty
    Blue Sugar DirtyTwirled
    Blue Sugar Twirled
    Blue Sugar Whirled
    Blue Goblet Frames
    Blue Goblet Frames#2
    Blue Goblet Vignettes
    Blue Goblet Vignettes#2
    Beatnik Blue AOE
    Blue Goblet Emblems
    Blue Goblet Florals
    Blue Goblet Ornaments
    Blue Plate Special NF
    LHF Cool Blue
    Union City Blue
    Blue Goblet Alt One Oblique
    Blue Goblet Alternate One Bold
    Blue Goblet Bold Oblique
    Blue Sugar Mixed Caps
    Blue Brush
    Blue Century
    Blue Type
    Blue Goblet Alt1 Bold Oblique
    Beatnik Blue Fill AOE
    LHF Cool Blue Convex
    FB Blue Regular
    Blue Global Orbital
    Blue Global Outaspace
    Blue Global Regular
    Blue Global Volume
    FB Sky Blue B
    FB Sky Blue L
    FB Sky Blue M
    Blue Goblet Alternate
    Blue Goblet Oblique
    Blue Goblet Regular
    FB Blue Gothic® Light
    FB Blue Gothic® Medium
    FB Blue Ming® Light
    FB Blue Ming® Medium
    Blue Goblet Bold
    Blue Goblet Volume
    Blue Plaque Regular
    Blue Goblet Frames
    Blue Goblet Ornaments
    Blue Goblet Vignettes
    Blue Goblet Alt One Bold
    Blue Goblet Bold Oblique
    Densmore Blue
    Blue Highway D
    GFY Jacks Blue Print
    Blue Highway Bold
    Blue Highway Regular
    Blue Highway Condensed Regular
    Blue Highway Linocut Regular
    Densmore Blue
    Blue Highway Complete Family Pack
    Blue Goblet Alt One Oblique
    Blue Note Italique
    Blue Note Regular
    Union City Blue Regular
    Blue Note Italique Grasse
    Blue Note Grasse
    Blue Goblet Alt One Bold Oblique
    Blue Goblet Basic Family Pack
    Blue Goblet Complete Family Pack
    Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes Family
    Blue Note Etroite Grasse
    Blue Note Etroite Penche
    Blue Note Tres Grasse
    Rhodamine Blue Regular
    Blue Island™ Regular
    Blue Note Tres Grasse Penche
    GFY Jacks Blue Print Regular
    Blue Goblet Vignettes 2
    Blue Goblet Frames 2
    Blue Goblet Florals Regular
    Blue Goblet Serif Black
    Blue Goblet Serif Bold
    Blue Goblet Serif Medium
    Blue Goblet Serif Regular
    Blue Goblet Christmas Ornaments

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