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    7 matches comment whats the font called that looks just like Birth of A Hero but without the grunginess? if you know please tell me.
    2 matches comment Hi folks, Could anyone help me identify this font (or something similar enough to use on a small project I'm working on)? It was used on the Pilot and first regular episode of 'The A-Team', as well as 'The Greatest American Hero' (from same producer Stephen J. Cannell) and a couple of other shows at around the same time. I keep finding very similar but not near enough, particularly regarding the upper/lowercase N. I'm trying to use this font in a project I'm doing about Cannell so would be really grateful if someone could suggest a close enough match =)
    1 matches comment whats is this font name? sorry the picture is very big. click on it and see the whole picture. Edit: Casper. now I have found the font. the fonts name is LD Rock Hero. here is a link: http://www.letteringdelights.com/searchdetail.php?psku=7855#np but I have a question: where can I download for free. in the logo is there playing with the font.
    1 matches comment MY HERO!!!!! THANK YOU
    1 matches comment Thankyou, you're my hero!
    1 matches comment YES! That is exact! Thanks so much! You're my hero now.
    1 matches comment Thx alot Tornquist!! You are my hero :-) Cpt
    1 matches comment The other looks like an outline version of "Birth of a hero" also in Grunge
    1 matches comment Thanks Mr McGee...I thought it might be a custom Goudy or something.... Your my hero... Karman
    1 matches comment thank you very much koeiekat , you are my hero : ) [IMG]http://i27.tinypic.com/242bmh4.gif[/IMG]

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