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    10 matches comment in windows XP you can just double-click the .zip file and you will see the contents of it. THen you can drag the .ttf files that are inside on your desktop or straight into the c:\Windows\Fonts folder. I am not sure what you mean by: [quote:d94443ebd5]I can not locate the file under font[/quote] Please let me know if you are still having problems.
    2 matches comment You Need To Set Some Attributes to you font folder To Do this you need to click either Start>Run or Start>Programs>Accessories>MS Dos Prompt After you do this type in Attrib c:\windows\fonts +s +r (The C:\Windows\fonts needs to be the path to your font folder) This Will set Your font Folder to a System folder and a Read-only folder. Then When you open the font folder and Click on FILE there should be a Install New font Option. OR[/b:38c713829e] Download the attachment and Run FontFIX (Only Works if you Font Folder Path Is C:\Windows\Fonts) Tell me if this helps you..... TheManThatUFear@msn.com
    4 matches comment OK, I am not the most computer literate person... but I have asked 2 other who seem to know their stuff and they cant work out what I have done wrong. I downloaded fine, unzipped fine, copied file to the c:\windows\fonts folder. The files appear as legit files, open in the font viewer, are ttf's... etc There is no install new font option in the file pull down in the fonts folder. I close everything and reopen word and they are not on the list. I have refreshed the fonts folder. Do these fonts not work in word of what? What am I missing?
    5 matches comment do you get the error when you copy it to the fonts folder? or when you try to open the ttf font file with Photoshop? In the second case, you'll definitely get an error, no matter what you try! In first case, if you get the error, then maybe it means that TTF fonts are not supported by Mac. But I am not sure about this, I don't have a Mac! :( Another thing could be that the font file is corrupted, but I am pretty much sure that this isn't the case. In one of these posts, you've said why you should create any text in Photoshop! So where does Photoshop come into the picture? So, where do you get the error? If you copy it to the fonts folder, you may not get any message even if the font has been successfully installed, atleast not in Windows.
    4 matches comment I've downloaded several wonderful fonts from here, but I cannot seem to get Monogram KK to work, it has been downloaded, unzipped and it shows up in my font folder as a TTfile, but it doesn't show up in any programs as an available font. Help please
    2 matches comment Thanks a lot for the help there buddy! That did it. It took a little bit longer than it normally would, but it's a lot better than nothing. Any idea as to why it may not have populated correctly on the instal fonts file selection in my fonts folder? Weird, huh? Anyway, let me say, once again, that I appreciate your help! Thanks
    6 matches comment Okay well here goes, hopefully someone can help me here. Recently using almost any application once in awhile only my question marks and apostrophe's have been changing into french accented e's. Right now they aren't. Now it isn't a virus, and my fonts are not corrupt and it isn't spyware either(I have reinstalled them all and cleaned my computer lots and lots of times and there was nothing) And this especially does this with web applications, word and msn messenger. It doesn't happen with just one font, but them all. Does anyone have any clues? Edit: I forgot to mention restarting the application makes the fonts work properly.
    2 matches comment i am using an old power mac with system 8.5.1. is there something that i need to do to use your fonts? i have downloaded a couple test fonts, unstuffed them, and dragged them onto my system folder. they install into the fonts folder, but even after rebooting my computer, they are still unavailable in my applications. any suggestions? thanks!
    3 matches comment Yes, it's in the Windows/font folder. The folder use to be the kind with the file > install new font feature, but then suddenly changed to a website setup (Kind of hard to explain, referr to photo above), and now fonts just won't install. I've tried everything, drag/drop, restarting the computer, refreshing the fonts page, deleting tons of old/unused fonts. Nothing seems to work, and I'm so sorry for putting all of these questions on you. Darn computer. Anyways, since my computer is apparently the spawn of satan, I'm about ready to just give up and plead with my father to switch his computer with mine, since he never uses fonts anyhow. Thanks so much for your help, though.:) I'm just sorry my computer is such a peice of junk. -Karen
    1 matches comment I need help downloading fonts on abstractfonts.com. When I drag them tomy system folder or put them in my fonts folder they come up as gif files. I would really like to use the great fonts provided by this site, so please HELP! Thanks, deanney

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