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    2 matches comment If anyone has Slimbach std. bold italic, could you print out Pom Rescue.com and email it to me in adobe Illustrator? Thanks, Mary signbiz@bellsouth.net
    1 matches comment its call birch here it is! [DELETED] MODEDIT: Birch is a commercial font.
    8 matches comment searching for this no match at WTF ...in Didots families probably but the 's' is special along with the 'e' attached (in red)
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Bembo Std: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/bembo/ The ampersand is from the Bembo Std Italic. The example above is made with Softmakers bergamo, a Bembo clone. Bye bye
    2 matches comment hi, I've been looking for the name of this font for some time. I've tried identifont.com and it's NOT: FF Celeste Italic Dolly Italic FF Parable Italic FF Parable LF Italic FF Reminga Italic MVB Verdigris Italic El Greco BQ Lucida Calligraphy EF Lucida Calligraphy Ronsard Ronsard Script FF Sheriff Italian Throhand Ink Italic Throhand Pen Italic Throhand Regular Italic Tribute Italic Apple Chancery FF Atma Serif Book Italic FF Atma Serif LF Book Italic Carmine Tango Adobe Garamond Italic ITC Garamond Italic New Century Schoolbook Italic Palatino Italic Plantin Italic Poppl Residenz BQ FF Tartine Script Times Italic Times New Roman Italic Borges Poema
    6 matches comment Help ~ I'm trying to find a free font that is like ITC zapf chancery italic. Can anyone help me with this?? :confused:
    4 matches comment Hi gcorp, nice to see you again! The font ist the Incised901 Nord Italic. Sometimes it's called "Antique Olive" or "Olive", but you will need the fattest Version ("Nord") and "italic". If you haven't got ist, you will find it here: http://www.primenet.com/~befff/TT0470M_.TTF. :) Ute
    1 matches comment Hello Similar: Legal™ Std Medium Font Alex
    1 matches comment uploaded image Mesquite Std - Typekit https://typekit.com/fonts/mesquite-std

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    Birch Beer JNL
    Motoya Birch W1
    Motoya Birch W2
    Motoya Birch W3
    Motoya Birch W5
    Motoya Birch W6
    Motoya Birch Family
    Birch™ Regular
    Novel Std Italic
    Novel Std SC Italic
    Novel Std Bold Italic
    Novel Std ExtraBold Italic
    Novel Std ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std Light Italic
    Novel Std OSF Italic
    Novel Std SC Bold Italic
    Novel Std SC ExtraBold Italic
    Novel Std SC ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std SC Light Italic
    Novel Std SC SemiBold Italic
    Novel Std SemiBold Italic
    AG Book Std Italic
    Allumi Std Italic
    Arventa Std Italic
    Bulldog Std Italic
    Costa Std Italic
    Evo Std Italic
    Oksana Std Italic
    Parisine Plus Std Italic
    Secca Std-Italic
    Novel Std OSF Bold Italic
    Novel Std OSF ExtraBold Italic
    Novel Std OSF ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std OSF Light Italic
    Novel Std OSF SemiBold Italic
    AG Book Std Black Italic
    AG Book Std Bold Italic
    AG Book Std Cond Italic
    AG Book Std Ext Italic
    AG Book Std Light Italic
    AG Book Std Medium Italic
    AG Book Std UltraLight Italic
    Allumi Std Black Italic
    Allumi Std Bold Italic
    Allumi Std Book Italic
    Allumi Std Demi Italic
    Allumi Std Heavy Italic
    Allumi Std Light Italic
    Arventa Std Black Italic
    Arventa Std Bold Italic
    Arventa Std Light Italic
    Arventa Std Medium Italic
    Arventa Std Thin Italic
    Bulldog Std Black Italic
    Bulldog Std Bold Italic
    Bulldog Std Medium Italic
    Chevin Std Bold Italic
    Chevin Std Light Italic
    Chevin Std Medium Italic
    Chevin Std Thin Italic
    Evo Std Bold Italic
    Evo Std Light Italic
    Evo Std Medium Italic
    Marat Std Black Italic
    Marat Std Bold Italic
    Marat Std Medium Italic
    Marat Std Regular Italic
    Oksana Std Alt Italic
    Oksana Std Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Heavy Italic
    Oksana Std Light Italic
    Oksana Std Thin Italic
    Parisine Plus Std Bold Italic
    Secca Hairline Std-15 Italic
    Secca Hairline Std-25 Italic
    Secca Hairline Std-35 Italic
    Secca Std Demo-Italic
    Secca Std-Black Italic
    Secca Std-Bold Italic
    Secca Std-Book Italic
    Secca Std-Light Italic
    Secca Std-Medium Italic
    Secca Std-Thin Italic
    Toshna Std Book Italic
    AG Book Std Cond Bold Italic
    AG Book Std Cond Light Italic
    AG Book Std Cond Medium Italic
    AG Book Std Ext Bold Italic
    AG Book Std Ext Light Italic
    AG Book Std Ext Medium Italic
    Allumi Std Extra Bold Italic
    Allumi Std Extra Light Italic
    Arventa Std Ultra Black Italic
    Bulldog Std Extra Bold Italic
    Chevin Std Demi Bold Italic
    Chevin Std Extra Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Alt Bold Italic
    Oksana Std Alt Heavy Italic

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