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    3 matches comment Where can I find a FREE font that resembles a stamped-on expiration date (like those found on eggs, milk, and such)? It must include mumbers, not just letters. FF Stamp Gothic and Realstamp seemed like just the thing, but they're $40 a piece!
    1 matches comment Looking for font for Save the Date and Tyler Austin Also Ventura, CA and Formal invitation to follow I know the We're getting married is Windsong Also would like to know dingbat font for scroll on dividing line and on either side of date and heart Thanks!
    2 matches comment Your picture are very little so I can't identify. Try "Due Date", it is little like.
    1 matches comment Hi There, Does anyone possibly know what this font is? Thanking you in Advance. Jay
    2 matches comment Close is Neutraface Display Titling. You could also try Mostra from Mark Simonson or Metro Gothic. The Date-font from the poster is obviously Eurostile aka Microgramma, if anyone wants to know.
    1 matches comment I'm going to guess this is hand-done, especially judging by the date and the "r"s, "a"s, and "e"s.
    1 matches comment Maybe because the original post date is 2009 and since then something has changed.
    1 matches comment It was sent to me by someone who had it. As I say I am not certain about the legalities of it being further distributed. Actually I notice that you are distributing two of MY fonts here, and I'm not sure I'm very happy about that, as they are Out Of Date.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #15238 The Final version 1.6 now with Book, Date and Character info with rearranged glyphs.
    1 matches comment thanks ever so much this leapt out at me so I grabbed it but then got a virus so had to restore to an earlier date and lost it XD.

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