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    1 matches comment Bernhard Tango, Carmine-Tango, make your choice.
    3 matches comment Like which Bernhard?
    5 matches comment Hi Dani, this is the Goodfellow / Rugklacht. Goodfellow is now a commercial font, Rugklacht is free. Edit: P22 has a somewhat lighter version of the Goodfellow named Victorian Swash.
    3 matches comment Wish I could help you. It is a pretty disctinctive face - some manufacturers call it Bernhard Bold Condensed other Bernhard Antique Condensed - but sorry, all of them are commercial fonts, and I really never did see any shareware similar...
    1 matches comment Bernhard Fashion, fattened.
    1 matches comment Bernhard Modern is the one you're after.
    1 matches comment Bernhard, still, I'd say.
    1 matches comment This is the Bernhard Fashion.
    2 matches comment Our logo currently has the Bernhard Mod BT font, but it comes out a little blurry due to the thin lines. Another version done used ITC clearface, but that font is a little too thick and bold. Does anyone know of a font that is in between?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11857 By the way, this font has often mistakenly been accused of being a 'rip-off' from Colin Brignall's Tango font. It's not. This is an adaptation of it, a different interpretation of the same base, which Colin also used. I beg those who accused me of stealing it to look more closely. Print the exact same text using both fonts and you'll see what I mean.. My Kylie 1996 font has much better hinting and a lot more vector-points in the characters too. It came off the ground by request, because the Tango font dropped out at large size usage in professional DTP-software at the time. If you have any more questions about it, please post them here. Regards, Julius

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    Bernhard Tango
    Bernhard Tango
    Rigaer Tango Swash Black
    Rigaer Tango Swash Bold
    Rigaer Tango Swash Light
    Rigaer Tango Swash Regular
    Bernhard Tango Regular
    Bernhard Modern Italic Swash
    Bernhard Modern Italic Swash
    Tango MF Bold
    Tango MF Medium
    Toucan Tango JNL-Regular
    Rigaer Tango Pro Black
    Rigaer Tango Pro Bold
    Rigaer Tango Pro Echo
    Rigaer Tango Pro Light
    Rigaer Tango Pro Regular
    Tango Regular
    Bernhard Rough
    Tango Bold
    Tango Medium
    Tango Volume
    Bernhard Mod SB-Bold
    Bernhard Mod SB-Reg
    Bernhard Schoen SB-Light
    Bernhard Schoen SB-Regular
    Bernhard Brushscript SG
    Bernhard Fashion
    Bernhard Fashion
    Bernhard Fashion
    Bernhard Fashion D
    Bernhard Modern
    Bernhard Modern
    Bernhard Script
    Bernhard MT Condensed Regular
    Bernhard EF Antique
    Bernhard EF Fashion
    Bernhard Antiq SB-Bold Con
    Bernhard Antiq SH-Bold Con
    Bernhard Mod SB-Bold Ita
    Bernhard Mod SB-Reg Ita
    Bernhard Std-Bold Condensed
    Bernhard Gothic Book SG
    Bernhard Gothic BQ Black
    Bernhard Gothic BQ Bold
    Bernhard Gothic BQ Light
    Bernhard Gothic BQ Medium
    Bernhard Gothic Heavy SG
    Bernhard Gothic Medium
    Bernhard Gothic Medium SG
    Bernhard Gothic Ultra SG
    Bernhard Gothic XHeavy SG
    Bernhard Modern Alternate
    Bernhard Modern Bold
    Bernhard Modern Bold
    Bernhard Modern Extension
    Bernhard Modern Italic
    Bernhard Modern Italic
    Bernhard Script Light
    Bernhard Mod BEF-Bold
    Bernhard Mod BEF-Reg
    Bernhard Fashion Regular
    Bernhard Modern Italic
    Bernhard Gothic BQ Volume
    Bernhard Modern Alternate
    Bernhard Modern Extension
    Bernhard Gothic EF Black
    Bernhard Gothic EF Bold
    Bernhard Gothic EF Medium
    Bernhard Gothic EF Regular
    Bernhard Schoenschrift EF Light
    Bernhard Schoenschrift EF Regular
    Bernhard Modern Bold
    Bernhard Modern Roman
    Bernhard Bold Condensed
    Bernhard Antique D Cond Bold
    Bernhard Cursive Extra Bold
    Bernhard Gothic ABook SG Italic
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    Bernhard Gothic AHeavy SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic AHeavy SG Regular
    Bernhard Gothic ALight SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic ALight SG Regular
    Bernhard Gothic AMedium SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic AMedium SG Regular
    Bernhard Gothic AXHeavy SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic AXHeavy SG Regular
    Bernhard Gothic Book SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic Heavy SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic Light SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic Light SG Regular
    Bernhard Gothic Med Con SG
    Bernhard Gothic Medium SG Italic
    Bernhard Gothic XHeavy SG Italic
    Bernhard Modern Bold Italic
    Bernhard Modern Bold Italic
    Bernhard Modern Italic Extension

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