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    1 matches comment Bauhaus Medium.
    11 matches comment view details for free font #2089 This font requires some repairs! I tried putting it in the Fonts folder, but that didn't work!
    4 matches comment I have a client who wants a look similar to ITC Modern No. 216 Medium, but without the huge price tag, any suggestions? TIA.
    3 matches comment Bauhaus Light
    2 matches comment ITC Bauhaus Bold
    1 matches comment It is the Bauhaus. To be specific, the Bauhaus Medium. Other versions do not match with the 't'. The font is widened by 26% for your logo.
    3 matches comment The first font ist the Bauhaus, I think "Medium". Look for 4 styles here: (bauhaus*.ttf) ftp://ftp.georgia.net.ge/pub/msdos/ttf/B/ I can't identify the second font. There's a somewhat similar font, Vineta; and another similar font , Decorated; but they are "shadowed", ect. and yours isn't. Ute
    1 matches comment This is the Bauhaus Light.
    1 matches comment The SCHOLZ looks like slightly extended ITC Machine Medium Edelstahl Gmbh is Futura.
    6 matches comment dear friends kindly gv me WinSoftPro Medium arabic font

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    ITC Bauhaus Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Medium
    ITC Bauhaus Bold
    ITC Bauhaus Demi
    ITC Bauhaus Heavy
    ITC Bauhaus Light
    Bauhaus MF-Medium
    ITC Bauhaus CE Complete Family Pack
    ITC Bauhaus Complete Family Pack
    ITC Kabel® Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Multilingual Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Medium
    ITC Bauhaus CE Volume
    ITC Lubalin Graph® Condensed Medium
    Bauhaus Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Medium
    ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Condensed Medium
    ITC Lubalin Graph® Condensed Medium Oblique
    ITC Bauhaus® Bold
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Bold
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Demi
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Heavy
    ITC Bauhaus® CE Light
    ITC Bauhaus® Demi
    ITC Bauhaus® Heavy
    ITC Bauhaus® Light
    ITC Bauhaus Turkish Volume
    ITC Bauhaus Western Volume
    ITC Bauhaus Multilingual Volume
    ITC Bauhaus Cyrillic Volume
    ITC Bauhaus® Cyrillic Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Baltic Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Turkish Medium
    ITC Bauhaus Complete Family Pack
    ITC Bauhaus® Cyrillic Accented Medium
    ITC Bauhaus® Bold
    Horatio™ Medium
    Dynamo™ Medium
    ITC Chino™ Medium
    ITC Franklin™ Medium
    ITC Minska™ Medium
    Pump™ Medium
    ITC Stepp™ Medium
    ITC Medea™ Medium
    Bauhaus Light MF
    Bauhaus MF-Bold
    ITC New Esprit™ Medium
    ITC Resavska™ Medium
    ITC Isbell® Medium
    ITC Stepp™ Medium Italic
    ITC New Esprit™ Medium Italic
    ITC Resavska™ Medium Italic
    ITC Johnston™ Medium
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    ITC Anima™ Medium
    ITC Machine™ CE Medium
    ITC Handel Gothic™ Medium
    ITC Adderville™ Medium
    ITC Eras Medium
    ITC Kabel Medium
    ITC New Esprit™ Display Medium Italic
    ITC Franklin™ Medium Italic
    ITC Franklin™ Narrow Medium
    ITC Anima™ Medium Italic
    ITC Bookman® Swash Medium
    ITC Chino™ Medium Italic
    ITC Franklin™ Condensed Medium
    ITC Johnston™ Medium Italic
    ITC Resavska™ Sans Medium
    ITC Kabel® Bold
    ITC Kabel® Demi
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    ITC Ronda™ Regular
    ITC Kabel® Book
    ITC Busorama™ Medium
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    ITC Lubalin Graph® Bold
    ITC Bookman® Medium
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    ITC Legacy® Square Serif Medium
    ITC Legacy® Serif Medium Condensed
    ITC Resavska™ Sans Medium Italic
    ITC Kallos™ Medium
    ITC Cerigo™ Medium
    ITC Flora® Multilingual Medium
    ITC Franklin™ Compressed Medium
    ITC Kabel® Multilingual Medium
    ITC Kallos™ Medium Italic
    ITC Machine™ Multilingual Medium
    ITC Zapf Dingbats® Medium
    ITC Flora® CE Medium
    ITC Kabel® CE Medium
    ITC Tabula™ Medium
    ITC Lubalin Graph® Bold Oblique

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