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    1 matches comment Kats and fonts? Stick to the ball of wool!
    6 matches comment Hello, I'm trying to solve a puzzle and have been given a hint by someone that to solve it, I need to find the font used. I have googled all morning to no avail! I'm not really even sure what keywords to search as I am not too familiar with fonts. Does anyone recognise it? If not help me with some keywords to google so I can spend some time manually looking for it. Cheers, Dianne
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11344 smiley faces, rollerblades, eight-ball, mashrooms, disco ball, hemp, marijuana leaf, stars, butterflies
    3 matches comment What I'm looking for is a type style (an alphabet) where the caracters look like lead-printing types, e.g. they are laterally reversed, like reading the matter in the composing stick.
    1 matches comment Hi, wondering if anyone can help me determine where I can find this font. Client said it was called Eight Ball. In desperate need. Thanks! URL: http://members.aol.com/cindy0904/mcleod_test.jpg Cindy
    1 matches comment I do not have any role or responsability here, but an infinite pleasure to deal with each of you. And I would really like it to remain the same. So I stick with Ivan. Definitely.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #13709 I do not have any role or responsability here, but an infinite pleasure to deal with each of you. And I would really like it to remain the same. So I stick with Ivan. Definitely.
    1 matches comment And Kirk - "remember to always speak softly", but there's really no need to carry a big stick :) welcome back.
    1 matches comment With an increased exposure of realism and authenticity, FIFA 16 also subscribes into a clear footballing philosophy, and the result is a lot more balanced, deliberate game that arguably loses a modest amount of magic. http://www.mmo2player.com/ undoubtedly addresses a lot of the issues of past video game titles that emphasised either speed or power for the expense of the different. It took me two games make use of the phrase ‘trudging as a result of treacle’ and five to help realise that strength, just as pace, is just seeing that universal. Worried about this physical presence of Hulk, Diego Costa or maybe Christian Benteke? Don’t possibly be, half the time they’ll be knocked journey ball by your midget midfielder. Shooting mostly feels right after you eventually make it into your box and I’ve no complaints from the goalkeeping department. You should work for goals and once they eventually arrive FIFA makes its own as generally. A key addition intended for online matches, as considerably as offline is no-touch dribbling, effectively freeing you on the ball, allowing feints, swerves and re-positioning on the player around the ball while using the right stick. It’s some sort of subtle change, but a welcome one from the possibilities it creates, along with the speed at which you’ll keep move without engaging regular skill moves. For on the net matches, this increases this plays into your hands of the professionals, but also allows the layman to very much impress with their ability. The days of four passes towards opposition box aren’t absent, but mastering no-touch management certainly adds another proficiency element to traditional tactical engage in, and one you’ll need to learn to exploit opponents. In this day and age that means going free-to-play, that is a process that's turned FIFA into something of any Pokemon style lottery. You obtain packs of random people, you turn them in excess of in dramatic fashion, therefore you attempt to piece in concert the 'ultimate team'. It's a process EA put in place years ago and just one that's proved especially favorite on console because it combines an element of chance – buying packs rich in players you can't view – with skill, with much resting on your ability to create a squad that works using a team. cnjojo666
    1 matches comment stamps? is that something that you stick onto somethig else? :) Looks cool, though. Maybe i will pick up a pack once they come out in august.

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    Ugly Stick AOE
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Pre Cursive Family
    Butterfool Ball
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Inline
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Regular
    Speed Ball Regular
    Speed Ball Western Letter
    Processual Ball Black
    Processual Ball Light
    Speed Ball Speedball No 1 NF
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Deep Space Big Ball
    Deep Space Meat Ball
    Deep Space Small Ball
    Altemus Games Two
    Wiccan Special
    Wiccan Serif Bold
    Wiccan Complete Family Pack
    Wiccan Sans-Bold
    Wiccan Sans-Reg
    Wiccan Serif Reg
    DF Stick™ Japanese W 5
    DF Stick™ Japanese W 7
    DF Stick™ Japanese W 9
    P22 Stickley Text™ Bold Italic
    P22 Stickley Text Italic Package
    Sildetas Black
    Sildetas Family
    Sildetas Hairline
    Sildetas Light
    Sildetas Regular
    Sildetas Thin
    Sildetas Bold
    Pauline Didone Black
    Pauline Didone Bold
    Pauline Didone Light
    Pauline Didone Regular
    Pauline Didone Thin
    Aviano Didone Black
    Aviano Didone Bold
    Aviano Didone Family
    Aviano Didone Light
    Aviano Didone Regular
    Aviano Didone Thin
    Aquarius Bold
    Aquarius Light
    Aquarius Medium
    Ryder Gothic Bold
    Ryder Gothic Light
    Ryder Gothic Medium
    Pauline Didone Black Italic
    Pauline Didone Bold Italic
    Pauline Didone Light Italic
    Pauline Didone Regular Italic
    Pauline Didone Thin Italic
    Aviano Contrast Black
    Aviano Contrast Bold
    Aviano Contrast Heavy
    Aviano Contrast Light
    Aviano Contrast Regular
    Aviano Contrast Thin
    Motter Air Regular
    Motter Regatta Regular
    Aquarius Extra Bold
    Clarendon Wide Bold
    Clarendon Wide Medium
    Clarendon Wide Regular
    Clarendon Wide Regular SC
    Clarendon Wide SC Bold
    Clarendon Wide SC Medium
    Clarendon Wide Volume
    Pauline Didone Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Sports One
    Aquarius Complete Family Pack
    Player Complete Family Pack
    Orotund Complete Family Pack
    Ryder Gothic Complete Family Pack
    Clarendon Wide Sketch Bold
    Clarendon Wide Sketch Regular
    Clarendon Wide Stencil Bold
    Clarendon Wide Stencil Regular
    AT Move Billiard Thin
    Aviano Contrast Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Games & Sports Set
    P22 Mystic Font Regular
    Altemus Sports Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Games Complete Family Pack
    Doodle Pen Regular
    SG Balloon SB Light Italic

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