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    1 matches comment Anyone, if you have it...I need Signet Bold font or Signet font. This is used by Checkerboard in their invitations. It is not the same as baker signet font. Thanks, Steven
    1 matches comment It's Baker Signet
    1 matches comment I need Signet bold or Signet font used by Checkerboard invitations. Thanks!
    11 matches comment I really like this font, it's got all of the nice features of Myriad, but a little softer (notice the slopes). And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. I tried Identifont, but it came up with ITC Legacy, which is definitely not it :-). Thank you in advance!
    3 matches comment Hey... I'm looking for a free font that looks like Baker Script. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    9 matches comment Can someone help with Impact URW D Bold font? I am wonder if someone can upload it (.TTT for windows)
    1 matches comment Reminds me more of Arthur Baker... Like a Baker Sans or Hiroshiga modified... It's the "M" that is throwing me off... that is like - yikes, I can't remember...
    9 matches comment uploaded image This was done 200 dpi at 320 pt, anti alias smooth.Then some gaussian blur, adjust the levels to b/w and then resize to 404 pixels wide at 200 dpi.
    7 matches comment I'm looking to match the text of the subtitle in this banner: www.successinsoccer.com/aBanner468x60.gif It's similar to Serpentine Bold Oblique overall, but different in lots of little ways. Has anyone seen it before? Or do you think it's a custom job? Thanks in advance!
    6 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11906 !Sketchy Times, Bold shares exact metrics with !Sketchy Times, Regular, for overlapping, alternating and other effects. See sampler for more ideas. Get The Regular version here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/download/11905

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    Baker Half Bare
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    PIXymbols Signet Classic
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    Dirty Baker's Dozen Complete Family Pack
    P22 Matador Regular
    Calligraphica Set
    Mercator Set
    Kigali™ Block
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    Signature Black
    Signature Light
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    Oak Graphic Regular
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    Eyptian Bold Expanded Bold
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