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    4 matches comment Hello! I would like to know if there is any font that matches the one in the Michael Jackson's Thriller album cover, or that is quite similar to it. Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment As long as you treat "the kiddies" here nicely and behave - you're welcome, Michael Jackson :)
    1 matches comment simonb- the closest font to the one you're looking for is called "michael". it's pretty similar except "michael" looks a lil' wider. i've included an attachment of what "michael" looks like.
    1 matches comment ? Does anyone know if there is a font available to download that Michael Jackson used for his "Thriller" album?
    2 matches comment Impact, Jackson.
    2 matches comment Hi, I want to use the Bad Seed Font for producing my own Shirt Collection. In the zip file it is said that the copyright is by John Sheffield including his email address. Now I tried to reach him but the indicated emailaddress is invalid. Does anyone know a font I can use instead of the bad seed for my said project. By the way I want to sell the shirt after the production if that brings some light in this case Thanks so much in advance Chris
    3 matches comment Please help ID, bad picture though. I hope you can help.
    3 matches comment Maybe the Honey Script is also close enough? The original font as used on your picts is a Filmotype font named Jackson from the times of photosetting.
    2 matches comment What's the font type of the Bad Girls logo? I did a search but couldn't seem to find it.
    1 matches comment Eek. I shouldn't have assumed you wanted them for free; that was obviously my cynical mind doing overtime. Bad Třrnquist. Bad. -T

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    Michael Chereda external . Michael Fischer external . Michael Knight external . Michael Tension .

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    Abagail Jackson
    Jackson Park NF
    Bad Acid
    Bad Baltimore
    Bad Boy
    Bad Deni
    Bad Dog
    Bad Dookie NF
    Bad Girl
    Bad Marker
    Bad Situation
    Bad Angel-Sinner
    Bad Acid Highlight
    Bad Azz Irregular
    Bad Azz Regular
    Bad Baltimore Shadow
    Bad Girl Light
    Bad Angel-Saint
    Bad Comp AOE
    Big Bad Bold BB
    Bad Girls
    Big Bad Bold BB Italic
    Bad Angel Volume
    Jackson Regular
    Bad Dookie NF Regular
    Bad Baltimore Regular
    Bad Baltimore Shadow
    Bad Baltimore volume
    Bad Situation Regular
    Michael MF
    Behaviour Bad
    Bad Marker Regular
    Bad Cabbage™ Primal
    Bad Cabbage™ Regular
    Bad Cabbage™ Bold
    Michael Condensed MF
    Good Times Bad Times
    Good Times Bad Times
    Bad Cabbage Complete Family Pack
    Big Bad Bold BB Complete Family Pack
    Bad Girl Combo
    Bad Girl Light
    Bad Girl Regular
    GFY Michael
    Michael Medium
    Michael Narrow
    Michael Regular
    Michael Volume
    GFY Michael Regular
    Semafor Volume
    Aura Oblique
    Aura Outline
    Aura Volume
    Aura Regular
    Aura Regular
    Trade Gothic® Extended
    Trade Gothic® Next Bold
    Trade Gothic® Next Heavy
    Trade Gothic® Next Italic
    Trade Gothic® Next Light
    Aura Outline Oblique
    Trade Gothic® Bold
    Trade Gothic® Bold #2
    Trade Gothic® Light
    Trade Gothic® Oblique
    Trade Gothic® Roman
    Trade Gothic® Bold #2 Oblique
    Trade Gothic® Bold Extended
    Trade Gothic® Bold Oblique
    Trade Gothic® Light Oblique
    Dear John Regular
    News 706 Bold
    News 706 Italic
    News 706 Roman
    Badoni Regular
    News 706 Complete Family Pack
    P22 Matador Regular
    TX Nine Volt
    Strayhorn® Italic
    Strayhorn® Light
    Strayhorn® Regular
    Zeitgeist™ Italic
    Zeitgeist™ Regular
    Bartalk Regular
    Jan™ Regular
    Mentor Volume
    Morocco™ Regular
    Pargrid™ Cross
    Pargrid™ Trash
    Dosh Regular
    Anlinear™ Bold
    Anlinear™ Light
    Anlinear™ Regular
    BF Portik Bold
    BF Portik Regular
    BF Portik Volume
    Mentor™ Black SC

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