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    2 matches comment Hi, I want to use the Bad Seed Font for producing my own Shirt Collection. In the zip file it is said that the copyright is by John Sheffield including his email address. Now I tried to reach him but the indicated emailaddress is invalid. Does anyone know a font I can use instead of the bad seed for my said project. By the way I want to sell the shirt after the production if that brings some light in this case Thanks so much in advance Chris
    3 matches comment Please help ID, bad picture though. I hope you can help.
    2 matches comment What's the font type of the Bad Girls logo? I did a search but couldn't seem to find it.
    1 matches comment Eek. I shouldn't have assumed you wanted them for free; that was obviously my cynical mind doing overtime. Bad Tørnquist. Bad. -T
    2 matches comment Oh wow, first I thought this is done by hand. But when I strolled around i found Bad Angel Saint. Hmm, interesting. And it has the wings in it!
    2 matches comment bad fontmuse, bad!!! slap! slap!
    1 matches comment This is not the/a Bookman. And financially seen that is the good news, The bad news is that I can not find this thing. Apart from the swashes, it floats somewhere in between a Garamond (likely a URW one), a Cushing and even Century Old Style (specially the s), all manually slanted, and none matches. This is a bad day.
    1 matches comment fontmuse.. i think this is your second slap.... bad fontmuse, bad! Please, no more commercial font attachments or links to pirated material. Sorry but i gotta do what i gotta do. Seeking understading,
    1 matches comment You know what Gee, the bad thing is that it is not OCR-A. It is too round. We have only 9 out of 36 characters here and 5 of those, the D, the G, the 0 [zero], the 3 and the P don't match. And I have serious doubts about the 6. That is almost two thirds, so no match whatsoever. The good news? There ain't. Only more bad news ... I don't know. I don't have it and I can't find it. So sorry.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #12750 And a bad one too!!

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