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    1 matches comment Im trying to find out the name of the font that has a big banner type to each letter as in in the Movie Dodge Ball the team Average Joes t shirts with the s swirling under the entire word. Hope I made this clear enough Thanks
    1 matches comment This is extremely decent and average post....You shook posting it....Thanks a considerable measure for posting it...!!! _______________________ J0hn
    1 matches comment Yes, your Majesty - I'm well aware why you did it that way. Yet the way that Abstract Fonts displays Font.com found results are rather ...busy and not very obvious for the average user. Isn't there such referral service of MyFonts.com?
    1 matches comment Kat - I think it is time we change your brand of catnip. WTF is an excellent stie - you are right it is for the person who wants to buy a font - and that is what they do sell fonts. Please don't knock it. I know I haven't been spending as much time there as I use to -- many more regulars these days - but it is still excellent - and maybe old pros like are just aren't into the freebie/shareware fonts as much. Many there, like myself, were professionals working in typeshops -- with manufacturers that had limited type libraries. Do you realize the average person can now own a type library (for free) larger than the type library of the largest type houses in NYC - in it's hey-day?
    1 matches comment hi. Know what might be cool is if you show other fonts that a person makes. In the details section there is the copyright etc. ON their name when you click on it, it will show you other fonts that the person makes. 2nd, what's the point of a website feed back. (Not this one but the one where you say click here. In the opening page with unlikely wishes, pending wishes etc.) YOu already have one. LBNL, THe Blockar[/i:f519a3480c] font dosen't have an average. I think it should be on the top donloads of all times though:D Good idea too about the top downloads of all time OoGiE BoOgIe!;) Keep up the really good work. Oh one more ? what's your favorite font? Just curious
    1 matches comment ? In the stationery category, wedding invitation cards are only the beginning. Beyond wedding invitation cards, there are reply cards, save the date notices, ceremony and reception programs, seating cards and thank you notes. While the invitations alone cost $659 on average, the remainder of the stationery suite adds nearly $200 to this total. If you plan to spring for traditional hand engraving or thermography prints, you will spend hundreds of dollars on top of that. Add a few hundred more if you want a professional calligrapher to address your invitations. Another popular (read: expensive) trend is a personalized wedding day logo or design on wedding card design and other wedding stationery, which requires a graphic designer and custom printing plates. To keep stationery costs in check, some couples choose to print their own programs and seating cards from home, though professionally printed invitations and reply cards are still the norm. Most couples are willing to pay for expensive stationery because the wedding invitation cards set the mood for the whole event. Plus, they're planning on having it framed later! More 2015 Wedding Trends, visit amoyshare official website.
    1 matches comment Thank you for your help. I will let you know if I have any more troubles. Yes, what you noticed was intentional, all similar glyphs a,b,d,p,q have the the same amount of ascension above the x height and desension below the baseline. I just played with this feature & ran with it throughout the font. Yes, it was intended to be a part of it's unique identity. Truly an "experiment," as I refer to my dabbling in making fonts. But I agree, though I meticulously edited & designed this font, this feature gives it an undesirable uneven appearance at some weights/ styles /settings. I'm sure you are familiar with the round overshoot technique; rounded letters like the capital O should slightly larger than the average height of the other capitals to counter-act the fact that it's rounded shape gives it the allusion that it is smaller. I took this design rule and exaggerated it.(reason for describing that this "sweet" font "doesn't adhere to old rules") It is a unique characteristic, but had I not done this.... I'm sure Champagne & Limousines would be even more lovely. Also, Champagne & Limousines Bold adds an alternate look to normal, rather than emphasis. In bodies of text, there's not that much variation/contrast between the two (normal & bold). It's more like a "less light" version than a bold style. I recommend using Thick or Thick Bold in bodies of text where bold is needed. One other thing, I regret that '{' and '[' characters do not extend to the lowercase descenders only to the baseline. That is a mistake. I felt better about that when I saw GeosansLight does the same thing though! Anyways... thanks again!~Lauren
    1 matches comment [quote:6411d4385e="hungrydave"] Hi, just got back from prague. All the street signs out there look really 'communist' need to find a similar font. Imagine the words inscripted on stalin / lenin / marx's grave. U get the idea. please help. dave@geekrecords.co.uk [/quote:6411d4385e] Buckle-up hungrydave!! I have been staring at this post for quite a while now and must admit I am flabbergasted. On this forum and others I have seen many posts phrased as 'new york yankees font', 'harley davidson font' and so on. Everyone with more than 0.2% of the average gray matter knows that there are no such fonts but just fonts used to cerate a new york yankees /harley davidson logo/website/... As there is no 'dumbo font' to describe the corporate housestyle typeface of the White House - or Tony Blair for that matter. So we decrypt and respond. But this time it goes beyond ignorance or lack of historical understanding or education. This one is plain stupid. Suddenly, apparently there are 'bhudist', 'catholic', liberal, 'conservative' and 'communist' fonts. Fonts, rather typefaces, stupid, are a reflection of time. Not of an ideology. In the part of the world where latin script - which includes cyrilic (not relevant in this case) - is used fashion and the style of a specific period it time determines the type being used. So the Prague street signs, as well as the Paris and Amsterdam, are reflections of the time that they were designed, The 1920's. Any idea, historical wonder, when communism came to Check? Satisfied? OK.
    1 matches comment Gotcha!! It's the cropograph. CROPOGRAPH This font was created in 1998 by Virgiliu Pop, LicIur, LLM, inspired by the crop circles phenomenon. It should not be confused with the "cropbats" font; CROPOGRAPH is a letter and figures font. CROPOGRAPH is the first font in the VERGILIUS series; others will follow, depending on the success of the CROPOGRAPH. CROPOGRAPH is a font very suitable to any "alien-looking" webpage, or magazine. The font is kindware - five (5) US dollars (US$) are kindly asked from any user, but I accept more, depending of how kind you are. Of course, I do not expect you to put me in your will. Please note that for more serious uses (as for example movie titles) contacting the author for bigger rates is required. I'll list the reasons why I ask for some money: Well, I am a poor... lawyer. I am from Romania, where the average salary is about 100 $ per month. One cannot live with this sallary; I don't have even half of it per month, even if I obtained my LLM degree abroad (I had a scholarship for this). With 100 $, one can buy in Romania 1000 eggs, or 200 breads (I think). Because of financial reasons, I was unable to accept several PhD admission offers. Needless to say that I do not have a home of mine, and I live with my parents, eating their food. Then, I begun making fonts... I do hope that this hobby of mine will help me live a little better or buy a computer (I do not have one...). Please, feel free to distribute the font (I even kindly ask you), but only in the zip form. However, if you want to distribute the font as part of a CD you sell, please ask for my permission. Money are expected, cash, at: Virgiliu Pop LicIur, LLM Str. Andrei Saguna Bl.U2, Sc.A, Ap.3 Timisoara 1900 Romania For any reasons (for example for announcing me that you'll send me some money, or for saying: "whatta kinda font ye made, man", use my e-mail address: CE009@cclub.autocom.ro The author makes no guarantee about the viablity and usability of this font and is not responsible for any damages related to the the use. All rights reserved Copyright 1998, Virgiliu Pop Once on sites like fontuniverse, funsite24 and baydragoons. Not here on Abstractfonts (Alex, how come?). But can still be googled: http://www.google.lu/search?hl=de&q=cropograph&btnG=Google-Suche&meta=
    1 matches comment ? Nike takes technology 'Returning to the long run'. Returning to one's destiny: Part II” might have had some pretty awe-inspiring inventions like instant Garlic bread Hut and hover boards how the 1980s hoped to see in the future. However, with 2015-12 months we find Doc, Marty and his awesome girlfriend, Jennifer, transport to —being less than a year away, many people don’t think we have now advanced so far as the movie predicted.Fast cars could be be a stuck about the drawing boards the following year, nike air force 1 ukbut Nike equitable released that they're about to attempt to make shoes just like Marty McFly's self-tying or braiding sneakers.Although it appears like a neat product, these sneakers can’t wear high demand. As opposed to looking technologically advanced, these footwear could have a retro appeal on account of their “Time for the longer term” roots. It defeats the objective of looking futuristic if the majority of Americans associate the idea back with all the ‘80s.Also, there is absolutely no real function of these footwear. It really is interesting to combine two everyday concepts-technologies and active wear-in one product, when all they'll do is get rid of the need to tie your shoes, is that really a substantial use of technological advancement. If everything, this can be a fad that reduce as soon as rrt had been popularized. Last 2011 when Nike come up with Nike Air Mag shoe, we were looking at common among collectors, nevertheless that’s over it. Fifteen hundred identical identical from your movie franchise were sold, with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Basis for Parkinson’s illness. They were the primary rechargeable shoe from Nike, income glow for approximately five hours, even so the self-tying laces had yet to be developed.If these completely new self-tying shoes are generally perfected by 2015, nike trainers uk mallWe expect Nike will simply produce a limited number. There's probably hardly any chance that theses shoes are going to be made available to the public and when they may be, they will oftimes be costly.Though the self-tying laces can be a neat advancement, this isn’t gonna revolutionize the shoe manufacture. An average will still have to tie their particular shoes, while collectors will keep the iconic sneakers saved in a glass case. Welcome to our online site: http://www.trainerukmall.co.uk

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