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    1 matches comment I am looking for AvantGarde Bd BT AvantGarde Dm BT AvantGarde BdCn BT AvantGarde DmOb BT AvantGarde BdOb BT Any help would be great. Thanks. I am willing to pay for finding/getting these fonts because I need them for a project! :shock:
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14102 Kkat, while it's possible to save all the kerning pairs of AvantGarde or Century Gothic and automatically apply them to any other font, it's not advisable. I'm almost sure that her fonts aren't the exact size of the mentioned above or their spacing is different. Of course, using Avantgarde kerning as a starting point and referral is good, it's jut not possible to automatically apply it. :D
    1 matches comment Hi I'm looking fonts to can write West Coast Choppers. Please help me. Rgrds Darek - Poland
    4 matches comment Koiekat! Dank je wel uit Spanje! Perfect font match! Again, thanks a lot for your answer and the link (nice & straight to the spot) I must admit I had my doubts about anybody being able to find a font among millions...unbelievable...amazing....GOOD WORK!! I donno wether that "AvantGarde Demi Oblique" was close to the match as I still have not been able to find it anywhere...:confused: Cheers! I'll stick to this forum!! :cool: Manare
    1 matches comment search engine results will be returning matching designers as well.. ( good idea !!! it shows where you are, not very pronounced though ;) When you choose a designer you get taken to a page ( for example: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/designers/?designerID=250&p=1 )where it says Category: West Wind Fonts Fonts: 29 Pages: 2 the designer is "West Wind Fonts" voting will be a pending wish for now ;)
    1 matches comment Sorry Cat, my English is too bad to understand what you are talking about. Sorry. Is it possible to show a pic ofthe old "letter head"? And had you had a look in the categories Old West and Circus?
    1 matches comment The rest is simply AvantGarde
    1 matches comment AvantGarde Gothic, by Lubalin
    1 matches comment No, isn't. AvantGarde Book.
    1 matches comment Can someone please ID the font used on Kanye West's blog? Thanks so much

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    Go West
    Go West Open
    West Of Here Regular
    North West
    American West
    Key West
    Threepoints West
    West Wind
    Go West Open Fill
    Threepoints West Italic
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Trail
    West Coast Antics NF
    Go West Family
    Go West Open
    Go West Regular
    West Cut In
    West Italic
    West Regular
    KD Addison West
    Imperio West
    Go West Open Fill
    American West Regular
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Family
    West Wind Regular
    West Wind Trail
    Yuma West
    West Cut In Italic
    P22 Way Out West Critters
    P22 Way Out West Regular
    P22 Way Out West Slim
    Quanta West
    West Coast Antics NF Regular
    West Complete Family Pack
    West of China™ Regular
    P22 Way Out West Complete Family Pack
    Psychedelic-Fillmore West
    Dead Mule-West
    P22 Way Out West Critters
    Trump Gothic West
    Dead Mule West
    Trump Gothic West Bold
    Trump Gothic West Italic
    Trump Gothic West Medium
    Trump Gothic West Bold Italic
    Trump Gothic West Medium Italic
    Antigen Bold
    Antigen Oblique
    Antigen Regular
    Go Regular
    Linotype Sunburst™ West Heavy
    Linotype Sunburst™ West Regular
    RoundUp Bold
    RoundUp Caps
    RoundUp Regular
    RoundUp Set
    RoundUp Shadow
    Trump Gothic West Bold
    Trump Gothic West Medium
    Trump Gothic West Regular
    Antigen Bold Oblique
    Kyhota One
    Kyhota Two
    Ironhorse™ Normal
    Ironrider™ Normal
    Antigen Complete Family Pack
    JLS OverKill Hammer Family
    Wyoming Macroni Shadowed Right
    Kyhota Barbed
    Kyhota Fezdaz
    Kyhota Volume
    FNT Iron Pak
    Wyoming Macroni Shadowed
    Wyoming Macroni Pegged
    Wyoming Macroni Regular
    Wyoming Macroni Set
    Wyoming Pastad Regular
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed
    Wyoming Spaghetti Bold
    Wyoming Spaghetti Plain
    Wyoming Spaghetti Set
    Contype Plain SC
    Kyhota Big Bottom
    Kyhota Big Top
    Muskitos Caps
    Wyoming Pasted Set
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed Left
    Muskitos Caps Shad Down
    Muskito Caps Volume
    Contype Plain
    Contype Volume
    Vglee Regular
    JLS OverKill Champion
    JLS OverKill Champion SC
    JLS OverKill Grunge
    JLS OverKill Hammer
    JLS OverKill Hammer SC
    JLS OverKill Stencil

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