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    4 matches comment I am wondering if anyone knows the name of this font and where to get it...I really appreciate your time to answer my post
    3 matches comment Can anyone, please tell me what font this is?
    2 matches comment Hello.. I was just wondering if anyone knew the contact details for Mr Fisk Inversions... they created the Bodybag font and I wanting to use it for a logo I have created. I can only find a phone number and I am over in Australia and the number doesn't seem to work. So an email address would be good. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Please post here or email me at siarasuicide@yahoo.com :D
    1 matches comment Hi, Does anyone know what font is in Portmans' logo? http://www.portmans.com.au Thanks a million! Janni
    1 matches comment sorry for being intrusive, but i want to see who gets into making fonts... ;) Maybe this will grow to be an interview :D I've attemted it myself few years back but i didnt really understand the curves and all the other good stuff that you should know to use Fontographer so the results were not nearly as good as i wished. - What is your main occupation? Studying? Working? - Planning on making commercial fonts? - What do you think of the copyright laws concerning fonts ( in North America and/or in Australia ) Winter is over here... finally! want to see some sun! Actually I have relatives living in Perth, they just moved there a year ago, or so...
    1 matches comment Actually, It has been a full font face, as there was a looping banner on another site that had the same W and A and a few other letters in that style, and it being a banner for another rival wrestling promotion in Australia. Now, Honestly, I doubt that two Rival Promotions would be sharing there own fonts and text to help each other out, and I KNOW what i saw there. http://www.wrestling.net.au/images/banners/awf2007.gif that Graphic Right there is the one in question. The Text for the "Australian Wrestling Federation".
    1 matches comment Crossing a street in the middle Nike Free Run 3 Womens of a block is not Nike Free Run Australia meant for anyone when there are crosswalks, yet I frequently see cyclists Nike Free Run 5 turning across a street in front of on coming Nike Free Run 3 traffic with no indication. When we were little, Elmer the Safety Elephant told us how to ride our bikes safely. Maybe skipping a couple of generations was not such a good idea.
    1 matches comment Hi All, I uploaded my new font "Amped For Evil" on 1st of May. The .zip included .TTF and .txt readme file and seemed to upload fine. The font title image appeared and looked fine as well. Now comes the problem: It never showed up in the "New" fonts listing. It hasn't shown up in any of the categories I tagged it for, either. It *IS* in the system, because if I search for it by name I can find and download it. However, even when I do find it by searching, the font title image appears to be missing.... :( Has anyone encountered this problem before? I've contacted the webmaster but have not yet heard back. Cheers, Ryan (Australia)
    1 matches comment That's the life all us amateurs have, Alex. We do work to earn money to do things we actually like. I still don't understand how can an intelligent man pay to sweat but, hey!, it's passion and that can't be judged ;) [quote]@koeiekat:Sergio, no harm meant.[/quote] Needless to say :) [quote]@koeiekat:Just wanted to share the orange emotions of the moment.[/quote] Ehehehehehehehe! I'be been slow as usual getting the orange/oranje thing. Anyway, my mother is possibly moving to New Zealand. Can't really say for now as the big international firm she works for has bought their contractors in India, Thailandia, Australia and NZ just a few months ago. We have been already discussing the issue of moving out of Europe - she lives in Paris, - for a while. My friend in Canada has been a loud sponsor a moving there but - even if Alex is absolutely right: we'd have to move toward sweet water sources and "cold" climates - the weather up there is too rainy and freezy. I'd end up on a psychologist's sofa just to get rid of a weather-caused depression. England, which I love, and Belgium made me that effect and I decided not to move there. I can't bear clouds and rain and snow everyday. New Zealand could be a good bargain. Large as Italy, very few inhabitants and quite the same climate. Not to mention the large sheep community!
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