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    3 matches comment Does anyone know the name of the font featured by the athletic department of GSU? THe link to the image is as follows: http://www.georgiasoutherneagles.com/images/hmhdgse.gif
    3 matches comment Hi, Who can help identify the font featured in this image? the font in question is used in the text "Second Base". Alternatively, who could point me to some excellent athletic script style fonts for use as a logo?? Please help!! thanks.
    2 matches comment Does anyone know where I can get a good selection of athletic tails? Possibly free?!?...I have searched forever and haven't found one that I like yet...Let me know if you can think of any websites. Thanks!
    1 matches comment Athletic is the closest. ;)
    3 matches comment I have tired to find this font for the past couple days now! (see attached file) Fonts I have tried: -Bullpen- 'R' is wrong -Rockwell- close but the O's are not squarish -Athletic- too thick and O's aren't square enough I know a font that is similar, Stahl's Varsity, but I can't find it with out having to pay. Can anyone help me???
    2 matches comment My son's footsal team is using this font, I've seen it before, but cannot identify it. Anyone have an idea as to the name?
    2 matches comment Anyone know what font this is?
    1 matches comment This one is Athletic Regular.
    1 matches comment Was told this was Athletic Script, but not finding it... Need ASAP or let me know something similar - the most important to match are the "D" and "M" - Thanks!
    1 matches comment I need to find out what this is...I thought it was a modified Athletic Regular, but there are some differences that make me think that's not the one...Your opinions?

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    Novel Gothic
    Dujour™ Regular
    Webdings® Regular
    Fanfare Font
    Woodcut Font
    April Font
    Koloss Regular
    Pericles™ Light
    Pericles™ Regular
    Endurance Family
    Pasadena DemiBold
    Pasadena ExtraBold
    Reiner Regular
    Accent Font
    Nueland Regular
    Pasadena Family
    Pasadena Heavy
    Resonance Black
    Resonance Light
    Resonance Open
    Resonance Regular
    Resonance Semibold
    Digital Font Family
    Quartz Font Family
    Quartz Light Font
    Quartz Medium Font
    Titanium™ Regular
    Geshexport Regular
    Haettenschweiler Regular
    Miramonte™ Italic
    Miramonte™ Regular
    Pasadena ExtraLight
    Amber Regular
    Expressa Regular
    Langston Regular
    Langston ScOsf
    Pericles Family
    Resonance Bold
    BoaScript Regular
    Endurance WGL Black
    Endurance WGL Italic
    Endurance WGL Light
    Endurance WGL Regular
    Handel Gothic Font
    Miramonte™ Bold
    Resonance Font Family
    Amber Italic
    Chinat Regular font
    B-52 Italic
    B-52 Shadow
    Balloon Bold
    Blippo Black
    Merc Regular
    Swordtail Regular
    Venacti Bold
    Venacti Italic
    Venacti Regular
    Venacti SemiBold
    Endurance Complete Family
    Endurance Condensed Family
    Endurance WGL Bold
    Digital Black Font
    Digital Light Font
    Creighton Black
    Mecanica Outline
    Mecanica Regular
    Mecanica Slant
    Digital Regular Font
    Circus Poster™ Shadow
    Chinat Light Font
    Philly Sport Script
    Digital Bold Font
    Typodermic Laser Pack
    Chinat Bold Font
    Aquarius Bold
    Aquarius Light
    Aquarius Medium
    Endurance WGL Black Italic
    Endurance WGL Condensed Light
    Endurance WGL Condensed Regular
    Endurance WGL Condensed SemiBold
    Endurance WGL Light Italic
    Miramonte™ Bold Italic
    B-52 Complete Family Pack
    B-52 Regular
    Venacti SemiBold Italic
    Ryder Gothic Bold
    Ryder Gothic Light
    Ryder Gothic Medium
    Ascender Halloween Font Pack
    Endurance Light Black Family
    Endurance WGL Bold Italic
    Endurance WGL Condensed Bold
    Zekton Bold
    Zekton Condensed
    Zekton Extended
    Zekton Heavy
    Zekton Light
    Zekton Regular
    Miramonte Complete Family

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