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    1 matches comment Greetings! I need to know what font is this, a client saw it and wants to use it for a logo design. I don't believe it's custom-made, as another company called Becker also uses an almost identical font: http://www.atc-network.com/Upload/Industry/33093/BeckerIntLogo.jpg Any ideas?
    1 matches comment Hello, I building an ATC simulator in flash. I found these fonts here: http://www.tls.cena.fr/products/fonts/bleriot_snapshots.html but it turns out that flash does not uses these type of fonts. I have fontLab but I also can't convert bdf to ttf... I never build a font, is it possible to build a ttf from these bdf... if it is to complicated, does anybody knows similar free fonts I can use? Tks in advance, Yantis
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